I've fallen…and I split my head open!

If that had been my Father calling 2 hours after I'd left him on Superbowl Sunday, that would have been what he'd said. However, it was not him. Instead it was the place where he resides calling and their message was:

"Hello Michael, this is Sunrise calling, your Father has fallen, he lost consciousness because he hit his head on the bed frame and he's bleeding everywhere, we've called the ambulance but he does not want to go to the hospital."

Now, the problem that I had was not that he didn't want to go to the hospital, that's Dad (he eventually went), the problem I have is how did he cut his head on a smooth bedframe and especially since the area he hit was on the side of the bed, and it's a rectangular piece of polished wood. Well it's got an edge to it and if your head is moving fast enough when hitting it, it will cut into it like it did his. 1.5" worth of cut.

So. after spending most of the night at the hospital with him and ensuring he was ok, they admitted him, I came home and went to sleep wondering about a solution. My brother Vince said to me "why not get some bumpers for the furniture"! Great idea I said!
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I looked around for some bumpers and the best that I found were these:

So I looked around and found them locally, but you can buy them by clicking on the picture or the link above and you'll save some money. These kits are great and come with double-sided tape you can easily attach to furniture. Now the places he would normally run into with his toes, his head, his hands are cushioned.

Today we had a safety review in his place of living and they remarked at how well everything was cushioned. As we go along through the journey of helping our parents through their time of getting older, it's more and more educational.

I'll be sharing the education I am getting because out of ALL of the resources that we've interacted with since finding out that they needed help, not ONE OF THEM even so much as mentioned these tools to us.

Now you can benefit from that. I am keeping track of those things that help us to understand what's happening, and what the best tools are to get through this time in our lives.

Thanks for reading and if you're starting down the path with your loved ones, let me know. I can consult with you on this and see how to best assist you in ensuring your parents are all take care of.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock

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