This just in??? Seriously??? @CBSNews

@CBSNews really???

JUST IN: Beyonce admits singing to background track during presidential inauguration but says she will "absolutely" sing live at Super Bowl


Tell us something we DON'T KNOW!!! Like how many of our soldiers died overseas this day. Like how many people are dying of cancer, yes my own Father included in that group. Like how many people suffer from Alzheimer's are living lives as vegetables because we're too busy pissing away our money overseas on wars that could be settled in a boardroom through discussion. Like how many businesses borrow money from people and then file bankruptcy to avoid paying that debt while lying to investors to get new money in.

Why not tell us about things that really matter? Why not tell us why Homeland "security" is moving vans of ammo and automatic weapons around strategic points of attack of every major city in the USA?? Are we at war with ourselves or does KING OBAMA have some bigger plan for us like Hitler had for the Germans, and the Poles and the Jews back in WWII?

Why not focus on those things instead of why someone lip-synched our NATIONAL ANTHEM because she was "saving her voice". How dare she. We should BAN her from the Superbowl. That's what should have been backtracked, not the National Anthem.

So why the hell not do that. Report some REAL NEWs. Not this CRAP you're putting out!!

Sincerely yours,

Michael Murdock

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