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SocialSafe...ran across this purely by accident. If you've been reading the internet news recently there's been a big hoopla over facebook/instagram now claiming ownership of everything that post in the form of images (am waiting for them to do that with regards to writings and see how fast the 800 million or a Billion users leave and demand all of their materials be deleted and Apple swoops in to pick up the pieces.

Anyway when you upload images to a place online, it's great to have a way to preserve them or back them up somewhere just in case something like this comes along. I am sure this is not what the creators of socialsafe had in mind when they made the software, but when they read on twitter that I was having an issue using a service called "" which was supposed to easily allow me to get my pictures from instagram, SocialSafe approached me and said we can do that and we don't keep your content.

Interesting, let me take a look. So I did and what I found was a really cool application that is super easy to install (I did the Mac version, PC users am guessing it's the same, but don't quote me).

After a quick download, I installed the application, launched it and found a simple interface

That lists your accounts, or let's you add them in easily. You put in your information, it asks for permission to access your account and then once in it scans for the information/images and offers to download from that site into your computer. Not hold things on a server, compress them, ultimately keep a copy of them there, and then download them. Social Safe goes from the site to your computer. They don't keep your images.

When you're ready to sync from an account, you press the sync button and you get a screen like this one which informs you that if you're syncing for the first time this might take a bit, and depending on how many images you're doing it could

Then once done it presents you a way to download them to your computer and save them. Once downloaded you can then delete the account from instagram or wherever you have it.

While you're downloading you can easily read through their tour by clicking a link in the app, it opens a small window like this one

and you can then read more about the features of the app and how to easily accomplish that which you need to do. Here's a couple of more images from the application tour

And once you're all done with everything, the application presents you with an easy to read "Journal" view like below

From this point you can add additional accounts, search through images, tags, events, and such. You can sync again, you can backup images from the app to your computer for storage elsewhere...Very, VERY COOL!!! Yes, this APP DOES ROCK!!!

Where do you get it?

What does it cost? There is a trial version. I would encourage you to sign up for a licensed version of this so you can back up all of your networks if you desire to do so.

What networks does it support? I thought you'd never ask!!

Facebook, Facebook PAGES, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Viadeo and more on the way!!


All I can say to these guys is I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE!!! Thanks for showing up when you did. I hope you sell a million copies of this today!

And yes this does get the DocMurdock™ APPROVED BIGTIME STAMP on it. Definitely use this as it does everything it says it does. Nice job to the developers. Steve Jobs would have been proud of this.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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