PCH Prize Patrol Scam this is what one looks like in real life

So for those of you who have been following me on here and other places for a while you know there are some major things going on in my life and the last thing I need is to be scammed by some cheap crooks.

What kinds of things you ask? Mom has Alzheimer's Disease and doesn't even remember me. My father has congestive heart failure and I spend a lot of my time helping him with things he can no longer do. These things I do out of the love I have for them and will never stop until either they pass or I pass to the next life.

Out of my own choice I am divorcing my wife of 8 years because we got stuck into a routine of all work, no play, and together we were like oil and water, so best to move on from that.

So I get onto facebook this morning, and I know that a lot of you have seen my postings about entering Publisher's Clearing House and how for over 20 years I've entered and never won anything.

To my surprise I receive a friend request from none other than Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol. I freaked. Not only is this woman a knock out and yes we men do dream about her wearing nothing but that coat and a smile, but that's another posting!! LOL


and what I noticed on this was a couple of things:

a. "Worked at" Publishers Clearing House

b. Prizepatrol

You see I've been following these folks since they landed on facebook and know for a fact that Danielle Lam STILL WORKS AT Publisher's Clearing House

and that Prize Patrol is the correct way of their spelling of that lovely truck with all the money in it.

So I decided to start a chat and boy oh boy did this get interesting. Read along through the chat transcript and you'll see things that you should be aware of as they try to scam you.

a. Prize Patrol, PCH, Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane, Dave Sayer will NEVER ask you to go purchase a MoneyPak card for $599.99 to claim your prize. EVER!!!!!
But these sick bastards did.


And we continue on with them scamming me. But wait?? You want me to be calm? You just told me I won $10,000,000.00 in a contest that I have been entering for 20 years and never won so much as a Dime? HELL NO I am not calming down. I am going to go fucking ballistic and tell the world!!! Oh but you want me to not tell anyone. Okay, this is fun. Ssssshhhhh!


So above is the scam. And the TRUE PRIZE PATROL WILL NEVER ASK FOR THIS. And see more details in the next snippet. They want me to purchase a Money Pak card for $599.99 to claim my $10,000,000.00 prize. HELL NO I am not buying a card. I know better. You should too.


So I tell them I am leaving to go to Walmart and that my hearing is not good so call my cell and leave a message or give me a number to call them back on. So they do!!!! Probably a burn phone, but someone should be able to track something.

209-568-4920 is the number. Anyone out there Police? SEAL? FBI? Want to get in on this and nail these bastards?


They're asking where I am and even with the misspellings I am pretty sure that Danielle and the gang would never tell someone who was winning some money from them to "MAKE IT SNAPPY" as seen below.

And so after waiting a bit I tell them that Walmart denies my payment. They now give me my "CODE" that I need to claim my prize. Unfortunately if I do try to claim this, the real Prize Patrol will laugh at me.


So even though I have no card for them, they're saying they're going to arrive within an hour and 45 minutes.

They don't read well because this message came next, and at the end, you'll notice the little Triangles, those indicate that they're no longer talking to me because they've either blocked me, or they deleted their page. We'll see shortly.


And sure enough the page has been deleted. Either by them or by facebook. Either way, the last image you'll see after this one is from the profile of the REAL DANIELLE LAM (yes she is TOO FINE) and it explains what PCH will and WON'T DO. They won't do ANY of this stuff above EVER to claim a prize. And I sure wish they'd arrive on my doorstep, but the chance of that happening or any large windfall of cash coming my way to help me get over the humps is pretty slim right now. I keep waiting for reindeer on the roof, but all I hear is bird droppings. LOL

Read this info below. It's from the REAL DANIELLE LAM And it tells what they will NOT do EVER. You never have to pay for prizes and you never get friend requests from them or private messages.


Please be aware that during this time of year there are some less than scrupulous people out there that will try and take your hard earned money. I am not one of them and neither is Publishers Clearing House. But there are people out there who will try to impersonate them. BEWARE.

And know, if you of anyone who can help me achieve my funding goal at the link below, please guide them to it. I could really use the help at this time and I so appreciate anyone contributing to this cause. But let's make it a WIN-WIN because that's in alignment with who I am.

Thanks and God bless.


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