Why'd you do it?

So I got the first email and sluffed it off and paid no attention, then another one came and then another and so I thought I would clarify something.

Some of you have seen me post the following link: http://www.gofundme.com/1jqq4c
and have been asking why I would do this, isn't everything going just fine?

To be honest, it's going. It's not fine, but it's going. Change is a beautiful thing but it's not easy and this past year has been a helluva a move to the coast from Arizona back in 2011 so being here now is great and much has happened since the move out here that has been good and bad and now there's the shift and that's all good.

Financially it's been stressful. Having parents in assisted living has taken a toll on time to spend recruiting new clients into my processing business, and getting them to actually work their businesses and be successful at it is an education process. Some of them are coming along and that means i get to move on to promoting them even more so that they can make more money which also allows me to be paid.

I have transitioned out of some other businesses that I was involved in because they were costing me more to be in than they were paying back.

My father's health declined for a while after Mom took a header outside of their assisted living facility. I thought he was going to die based on her falling. She recovered easily but he was not so easy. So getting him to Doctors appointments 2 times each week cut 2 days out of the week which could be used for new business potentials.

Have I given up? Is that why I set up the page? Not hardly. Am not asking for a HAND OUT. I'm asking for a HAND UP. Same reason why I am selling some domains off instead of hanging onto them.

I am trying to climb a financial mountain in a big hurry and the fact that the wife and I are separated and divorcing is a bit of a financial strain that was not supposed to hit until February but it arrived earlier than that and has done a couple of things:

a. stressed things out a bit
b. created a great amount of resolve to be completely successful in everything that i do faster than possible.

Now here's the rub. Whenever anyone asks me for help, 9 out of 10 times I will drop what I am doing to help them in any way possible. Most of the time for free. That means I put aside my time, my finances and everything I am concerned about to help people out of love of them and who they are.

Unfortunately when doing that at the end of the month or in the middle somewhere when the bills come calling that means I may not be able to meet those obligations, but I did help others meet theirs. Is that bad? nope. I'll never stop helping others. It's in my DNA. I will give you the shirt off my back and put myself into financial duress to make sure that you rock on and are able to serve others.

So I went and put together a page to gracefully ask for a HAND UP so that I could buffer things a bit and get on top of this hill: http://www.gofundme.com/1jqq4c I put it out to see who would show up out of all the people that I've helped out there over the past few years of knowing them. Out of hundreds of them, only 1 so far has stepped up and he has the most respect out of all of the people I know and we've even butted heads in the past, yet he showed up and made a statement. I thanked him in a couple of places. He's very much appreciated. He set an example I hope is followed because I so appreciate the help.

Now you know the story. That's why the page is up. If you've ever been in a position that was uncomfortable and wanted to get away from it, then you'll know where I am. I have two parents in an assisted living facility that I am watching over and I am working to get a client portfolio built up for a new business and I'm in need of some assistance. To those who help, you will receive greater access to me than you've ever had before and I will help you with things you're trying to accomplish at rates that you could never get me at normally, and in the end you shall have earned my greatest love and respect for your kindness.


I truly appreciate anything and everything that you can do to help me realize this goal.

Thanks so much.

Michael Murdock

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