Happy Thanksgiving

There's a time when we all (those who celebrate it) pause to reflect on those things that we are thankful for in our lives and lifetime. Today is one of those times. Happy Thanksgiving. Allow me if I may share some things I am thankful for on this of all days...

As we move into this day of giving thanks and honoring that spirit within us and within others, I am pausing to reflect on the past 9 years of my lifetime. How in 2003 after being divorced for 25 years and dating for 20 of those that I decided to become committed to one individual. I met this person and life moved forward at lightning speed. As this year begins to come to a close, and as that relationship/marriage/friendship comes to an end it literally seems like a year ago that it all happened. Surely not 9 years ago the meeting, and 8 years ago the wedding. But yes it's been that long.

I'm thankful for every moment of these past years. The good, the great, the bad, the ugly, and the transition into being single once again. All of the lessons shared by the universe as time shifted and people grew gradually onto divergent paths. I wish both of us well as we transition into this new space we've both created for our individual selves. May we be amazingly abundant and educate many along their paths. (And yes if you're wondering, I did wish her a Happy Thanksgiving).

I'm thankful for my entire life. Every waking and sleeping and dreaming moment of it. It's so much more than I imagined it could be when I was in Heaven looking down and watching this world to see who I wanted to be my parents, where I wanted to land, how I wanted to evolve and what I wanted my destiny and legacy to be. A lot to be thankful for in 51 years.

There are many diamonds along the way that I've seen and shared time with. Some for brief moments, others for longer periods of time, and still others that I've been friends with and only recently able to kindle that friendship at a level of heat not exhibited EVER in the history of the universe. (You know who you are and well...YEOW! and thanks for arriving back into my life, you're amazing).

There's been much learned, much shared and even more coming as time in this space moves forward into a New Year shortly. There's much anticipation as we cross the terminator into that new year of 2013, a year ending in a 13...I see this as a lucky blessing for all of us to appreciate for our generations living a year with a number we normally place in the realm of mysterious and missing. Time to stare it down, own it, love it, and allow it to generate an amazing abundance in our lives.

I'm thankful for friendships of ALL. Those who've past from my lifetime. My good friend Steve Jobs. Thank you for saying hi that day in 1987 and for all the days afterwards that we shared time, tea, coffee, water, walks, lunches, and the amazing amount of muse you imparted to me as you were here and even when you've visited following your passing. Your spirit is one that lives on and is always welcome to come and visit. Thank you for all you taught, all you gave and the respect that you showed me during our times of communicating and interacting. I am truly grateful.

I'm thankful for all the others in the working and non-working realms that I've met and interacted with. Thank you for being part of my life and helping me to grow to who I am in this now. Thank you for allowing me to share with you and guide you and I hope that's been beneficial along the way and helped to enrich your time here.

I'm thankful for all the learning that I've amassed and continue to store from every experience I've had and every one shared with me. Every second of every day of every lifetime I am thankful for.

So as I close this out I just want to echo once again that I am eternally grateful for all that is. The good, the bad, the GREAT, the UGLY, because no matter what it's all part of the greater lesson that God is sharing with each of us in our own understandings of this universe.

I appreciate each and every one of you and I look forward to being able to spend more time with you as time moves forward, to helping more of you become amazingly successful in all that you do, and to helping each of you create the freedom in your lives to enjoy your time in the sphere and to share that time with so many more out there than you already have.

God bless you and your families on this day of Thanks, and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all that you are, all that you do, and all that you bring to this world of ours.

I love you. Happy Thanksgiving, live from Huntington Beach, CA.

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