And so the election happened...

And for the republican party it was like watching the sinking of the Titanic from a lifeboat. Sad and never ending until the final bell rang...or did it ring?

That's the question and what brings that question to light is so much that's been written as of late about votes not being counted, about dead people being registered and even winning a seat in the house or the senate, I'll get to that in a bit, but damn this is 2012!!! It's not the dark ages. We're using the best technology available or so we're told and it's giving away 100% of the vote to a DEMOCRATIC candidate in many places that are overwhelmingly REPUBLICAN??

I don't know about you, but when I smell a pile of bullshit, I ask myself where are the bulls? If they're not anywhere to be seen, then someone is lying and there needs to be an investigation.

WIth the polls that were done and people saying "I'm not voting for Obama" and then to have him given 100% of a vote somewhere where someone said I am not voting for him...the system is BROKEN.

I voted REPUBLICAN. I KNOW for a fact that I did so. I saw the screen, I saw the hardcoded print out of it so I saw that my vote as counted as REPUBLICAN and who I marked off in my vote was NOT OBAMA/BIDEN. It WAS ROMNEY/RYAN. So if the county where my vote was counted as 100% Obama, then the system is BROKEN and the votes need to be recounted.

I wish I could care if my opinion was unpopular. I have friends and an ex-wife who voted DEMOCRAT. I know because I was greeted by someone who saw me recently dancing in their car saying "OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA". The funny part is that they're dancing about the re-election. The sad part is they're financially damaged goods, barely making ends meet, and up to their neck in debt and being hounded by creditors because things are so much better now than they were 4 years ago.

Oh well, OBAMA all you want, but the system is broken and your guy got elected because MANY votes were not counted. MANY more were NOT counted than were not counted when BUSH/GORE tied things up with hanging chads.

And now the crux of this email is to call any and ALL REPUBLICANS/INDEPENDENTS who believe in the Constitution, the RIGHT TO VOTE, the RIGHT TO HAVE THOSE VOTES COUNTED and ANY LAWYER out there who would care to compare the size of the wheelbarrow's we both carry our GOODS in to stand and generate a motion with someone to DEMAND A COMPLETE RECOUNT of ALL VOTES for this election. That includes the MILITARY VOTES that were delivered the DAY after the election that have yet to be counted and we're being told will not be included because they were late????

WTF??? Not included because they were late??? COME ON!!! This is AMERICA. A VOTE IS A VOTE and a MILITARY VOTE which has been on its way back to the US to be counted...DO NOT DENY OUR MILITARY A VOICE. They're fighting to keep us FREE to keep that right to VOTE and not send us flying into the dark ages.

So RECOUNT. MY Bet is ROMNEY will WIN by a SUBSTANTIAL margin and Obama will LOSE. And things like this link below:

Will fall by the wayside because people will see that this country will be headed in the right direction with the right leader, not with one that is hiding everything he does behind lawyers and seals and crap that's designed to mislead and misrepresent the Office of The President of The United States of AMERICA.

To have our states want to leave the union...SAD day in the USA. We're UNITED. At least we used to be. We can change that. My suggestion is don't wait. Do it NOW.

Thanks for taking time to read and believe me, the flame retardant suit is on and the flame thrower is ready. I am a US NAVY VETERAN and I believe in the 1st Amendment completely. So...GAME ON!!!!

Hey PIERS MORGAN!! How about reading this email on your show!! Anderson Cooper? You? Anyone?

Let's ROCK!!!

Michael Murdock, USN Disabled Veteran

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