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Master Your Mac by Matt Cone - DocMurdock™ APPROVED

Sometimes when you least expect it, a good book comes along with information so well organized it just flows when you read it. Other times it stops you constantly, has you shifting back and forth and generally makes the reading more punishment than pleasure.

Matt Cone's "Master Your Mac" from No Starch Press is one of those informative, fun reads for those looking to gain control over their Macintosh computer and begin to better understand the power under the hood, without being slammed with all the technical mumbo-jumbo that others feel a need to add into their "missing manuals".

Back when the Mac was originally designed and created it was done so with the average person in mind. It was not designed to be complex or complicated but rather more of a tool that anyone could use to accomplish things that would take others longer periods of time.

In one of my many talks with him over the years since our friendship began in 1987, Steve Jobs would tell me "Mike, the Mac is simply an extension of you. We wanted it to just be a tool that allowed you to do whatever it was you were doing, faster, easier, and more elegant than other computers, and we've finally achieved that."

Steve would like this book. It's simple, elegant and achieves the goal of quickly informing the reader what things they can do with their Mac easily and without much if any additional help.

"simple ways to tweak, customize, and secure osx" is the subheadline on the cover. It fits. Simple is what the Mac was designed/created to be. Elegant and usable by the masses. And everyone wants to tweak something from time to time to make it better, and security is always a concern so good to get that taken care of as well.

I found this book a quick pick up and one that didn't stump me in ways that others have as I tried to figure out what they were really trying to say. Aptly illustrated but not overly so, the message is one that here's a tool, here's how to use it, and here's the picture for pure reference. BRAVO!

Part 1 Back to Basics takes you to some simple yet elegant information which will help you tune your experience on the Mac.

Part 2 Boosting Productivity is optimizing functionality of applications, understanding the display and multiple desktops, and also talking to your Mac.

Part 3 Automating tasks using AppleScript (yes, anyone can do this stuff and there's plenty of ready made scripts out there to help you as well.

Part 4 Managing your Life talks about email, spam and other things which slow us down

Part 5 Internet and Networks did you know that you can access your Mac remotely? It's true and it works quite well.

Part 6 Serious Security get down to the nitty-gritty on security and how to implement something to keep your Mac secure easily.

Part 7 Monitoring and Troubleshooting of course watching over things and if a problem happens being able to solve that...this covers it.

I'd stretch this out into many more pages of review, but for me this review is like the book: Simple, Elegant and informative.

Now all that you need to know is where to get the book and that's pretty much anywhere that books are sold, however you can also go and purchase it at and get a free downloadable PDF version as well.


Thanks for reading and we'll see you again soon.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why'd you do it?

So I got the first email and sluffed it off and paid no attention, then another one came and then another and so I thought I would clarify something.

Some of you have seen me post the following link:
and have been asking why I would do this, isn't everything going just fine?

To be honest, it's going. It's not fine, but it's going. Change is a beautiful thing but it's not easy and this past year has been a helluva a move to the coast from Arizona back in 2011 so being here now is great and much has happened since the move out here that has been good and bad and now there's the shift and that's all good.

Financially it's been stressful. Having parents in assisted living has taken a toll on time to spend recruiting new clients into my processing business, and getting them to actually work their businesses and be successful at it is an education process. Some of them are coming along and that means i get to move on to promoting them even more so that they can make more money which also allows me to be paid.

I have transitioned out of some other businesses that I was involved in because they were costing me more to be in than they were paying back.

My father's health declined for a while after Mom took a header outside of their assisted living facility. I thought he was going to die based on her falling. She recovered easily but he was not so easy. So getting him to Doctors appointments 2 times each week cut 2 days out of the week which could be used for new business potentials.

Have I given up? Is that why I set up the page? Not hardly. Am not asking for a HAND OUT. I'm asking for a HAND UP. Same reason why I am selling some domains off instead of hanging onto them.

I am trying to climb a financial mountain in a big hurry and the fact that the wife and I are separated and divorcing is a bit of a financial strain that was not supposed to hit until February but it arrived earlier than that and has done a couple of things:

a. stressed things out a bit
b. created a great amount of resolve to be completely successful in everything that i do faster than possible.

Now here's the rub. Whenever anyone asks me for help, 9 out of 10 times I will drop what I am doing to help them in any way possible. Most of the time for free. That means I put aside my time, my finances and everything I am concerned about to help people out of love of them and who they are.

Unfortunately when doing that at the end of the month or in the middle somewhere when the bills come calling that means I may not be able to meet those obligations, but I did help others meet theirs. Is that bad? nope. I'll never stop helping others. It's in my DNA. I will give you the shirt off my back and put myself into financial duress to make sure that you rock on and are able to serve others.

So I went and put together a page to gracefully ask for a HAND UP so that I could buffer things a bit and get on top of this hill: I put it out to see who would show up out of all the people that I've helped out there over the past few years of knowing them. Out of hundreds of them, only 1 so far has stepped up and he has the most respect out of all of the people I know and we've even butted heads in the past, yet he showed up and made a statement. I thanked him in a couple of places. He's very much appreciated. He set an example I hope is followed because I so appreciate the help.

Now you know the story. That's why the page is up. If you've ever been in a position that was uncomfortable and wanted to get away from it, then you'll know where I am. I have two parents in an assisted living facility that I am watching over and I am working to get a client portfolio built up for a new business and I'm in need of some assistance. To those who help, you will receive greater access to me than you've ever had before and I will help you with things you're trying to accomplish at rates that you could never get me at normally, and in the end you shall have earned my greatest love and respect for your kindness.

I truly appreciate anything and everything that you can do to help me realize this goal.

Thanks so much.

Michael Murdock

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

There's a time when we all (those who celebrate it) pause to reflect on those things that we are thankful for in our lives and lifetime. Today is one of those times. Happy Thanksgiving. Allow me if I may share some things I am thankful for on this of all days...

As we move into this day of giving thanks and honoring that spirit within us and within others, I am pausing to reflect on the past 9 years of my lifetime. How in 2003 after being divorced for 25 years and dating for 20 of those that I decided to become committed to one individual. I met this person and life moved forward at lightning speed. As this year begins to come to a close, and as that relationship/marriage/friendship comes to an end it literally seems like a year ago that it all happened. Surely not 9 years ago the meeting, and 8 years ago the wedding. But yes it's been that long.

I'm thankful for every moment of these past years. The good, the great, the bad, the ugly, and the transition into being single once again. All of the lessons shared by the universe as time shifted and people grew gradually onto divergent paths. I wish both of us well as we transition into this new space we've both created for our individual selves. May we be amazingly abundant and educate many along their paths. (And yes if you're wondering, I did wish her a Happy Thanksgiving).

I'm thankful for my entire life. Every waking and sleeping and dreaming moment of it. It's so much more than I imagined it could be when I was in Heaven looking down and watching this world to see who I wanted to be my parents, where I wanted to land, how I wanted to evolve and what I wanted my destiny and legacy to be. A lot to be thankful for in 51 years.

There are many diamonds along the way that I've seen and shared time with. Some for brief moments, others for longer periods of time, and still others that I've been friends with and only recently able to kindle that friendship at a level of heat not exhibited EVER in the history of the universe. (You know who you are and well...YEOW! and thanks for arriving back into my life, you're amazing).

There's been much learned, much shared and even more coming as time in this space moves forward into a New Year shortly. There's much anticipation as we cross the terminator into that new year of 2013, a year ending in a 13...I see this as a lucky blessing for all of us to appreciate for our generations living a year with a number we normally place in the realm of mysterious and missing. Time to stare it down, own it, love it, and allow it to generate an amazing abundance in our lives.

I'm thankful for friendships of ALL. Those who've past from my lifetime. My good friend Steve Jobs. Thank you for saying hi that day in 1987 and for all the days afterwards that we shared time, tea, coffee, water, walks, lunches, and the amazing amount of muse you imparted to me as you were here and even when you've visited following your passing. Your spirit is one that lives on and is always welcome to come and visit. Thank you for all you taught, all you gave and the respect that you showed me during our times of communicating and interacting. I am truly grateful.

I'm thankful for all the others in the working and non-working realms that I've met and interacted with. Thank you for being part of my life and helping me to grow to who I am in this now. Thank you for allowing me to share with you and guide you and I hope that's been beneficial along the way and helped to enrich your time here.

I'm thankful for all the learning that I've amassed and continue to store from every experience I've had and every one shared with me. Every second of every day of every lifetime I am thankful for.

So as I close this out I just want to echo once again that I am eternally grateful for all that is. The good, the bad, the GREAT, the UGLY, because no matter what it's all part of the greater lesson that God is sharing with each of us in our own understandings of this universe.

I appreciate each and every one of you and I look forward to being able to spend more time with you as time moves forward, to helping more of you become amazingly successful in all that you do, and to helping each of you create the freedom in your lives to enjoy your time in the sphere and to share that time with so many more out there than you already have.

God bless you and your families on this day of Thanks, and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all that you are, all that you do, and all that you bring to this world of ours.

I love you. Happy Thanksgiving, live from Huntington Beach, CA.

Michael & Sophie The Wonder Dog


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And so the election happened...

And for the republican party it was like watching the sinking of the Titanic from a lifeboat. Sad and never ending until the final bell rang...or did it ring?

That's the question and what brings that question to light is so much that's been written as of late about votes not being counted, about dead people being registered and even winning a seat in the house or the senate, I'll get to that in a bit, but damn this is 2012!!! It's not the dark ages. We're using the best technology available or so we're told and it's giving away 100% of the vote to a DEMOCRATIC candidate in many places that are overwhelmingly REPUBLICAN??

I don't know about you, but when I smell a pile of bullshit, I ask myself where are the bulls? If they're not anywhere to be seen, then someone is lying and there needs to be an investigation.

WIth the polls that were done and people saying "I'm not voting for Obama" and then to have him given 100% of a vote somewhere where someone said I am not voting for him...the system is BROKEN.

I voted REPUBLICAN. I KNOW for a fact that I did so. I saw the screen, I saw the hardcoded print out of it so I saw that my vote as counted as REPUBLICAN and who I marked off in my vote was NOT OBAMA/BIDEN. It WAS ROMNEY/RYAN. So if the county where my vote was counted as 100% Obama, then the system is BROKEN and the votes need to be recounted.

I wish I could care if my opinion was unpopular. I have friends and an ex-wife who voted DEMOCRAT. I know because I was greeted by someone who saw me recently dancing in their car saying "OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA". The funny part is that they're dancing about the re-election. The sad part is they're financially damaged goods, barely making ends meet, and up to their neck in debt and being hounded by creditors because things are so much better now than they were 4 years ago.

Oh well, OBAMA all you want, but the system is broken and your guy got elected because MANY votes were not counted. MANY more were NOT counted than were not counted when BUSH/GORE tied things up with hanging chads.

And now the crux of this email is to call any and ALL REPUBLICANS/INDEPENDENTS who believe in the Constitution, the RIGHT TO VOTE, the RIGHT TO HAVE THOSE VOTES COUNTED and ANY LAWYER out there who would care to compare the size of the wheelbarrow's we both carry our GOODS in to stand and generate a motion with someone to DEMAND A COMPLETE RECOUNT of ALL VOTES for this election. That includes the MILITARY VOTES that were delivered the DAY after the election that have yet to be counted and we're being told will not be included because they were late????

WTF??? Not included because they were late??? COME ON!!! This is AMERICA. A VOTE IS A VOTE and a MILITARY VOTE which has been on its way back to the US to be counted...DO NOT DENY OUR MILITARY A VOICE. They're fighting to keep us FREE to keep that right to VOTE and not send us flying into the dark ages.

So RECOUNT. MY Bet is ROMNEY will WIN by a SUBSTANTIAL margin and Obama will LOSE. And things like this link below:

Will fall by the wayside because people will see that this country will be headed in the right direction with the right leader, not with one that is hiding everything he does behind lawyers and seals and crap that's designed to mislead and misrepresent the Office of The President of The United States of AMERICA.

To have our states want to leave the union...SAD day in the USA. We're UNITED. At least we used to be. We can change that. My suggestion is don't wait. Do it NOW.

Thanks for taking time to read and believe me, the flame retardant suit is on and the flame thrower is ready. I am a US NAVY VETERAN and I believe in the 1st Amendment completely. So...GAME ON!!!!

Hey PIERS MORGAN!! How about reading this email on your show!! Anderson Cooper? You? Anyone?

Let's ROCK!!!

Michael Murdock, USN Disabled Veteran

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