Get A Page Like This!!

So you've created this great product, you've got everything ready to go, you're ready to put it on the web...OH SHOOT!! We forgot to build a page for this!!!
You know you can sell 100 of these right away, but your designer is on vacation and you've no where else to turn! You start shopping around with others and you find out that they want $5000, $10,000 or more just to put up a page for you. Can you do this yourself? You could if you knew how. What can you do?

Have you ever been in that situation?

I personally know of people that have LOST thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue by missing a key piece to their marketing puzzle. The squeeze page, and the sales page.

The Squeeze page is the wind up to the marketing of your product. Basically you have a page set up, you're showing a video, talking about your product or service, or you simply have a picture and a name capture form that gets name/email/phone (optional) from people visiting your site that you're talking about at events, or promoting on facebook or twitter, and you're building your list to market to when your product or service is ready.

The Sales page is the PITCH. You're there in your video, you're talking about the product or service, you're giving people a chance to Add to Cart and get your product or service quickly. Maybe you have testimonials about your work, it's a refined piece of advertising. Your logo is on top, you've got some nice colors happening, people feel good about what they're seeing, you're establishing trust and then comes the opportunity to sell them the product and give them a thank you page where they can download information, get your product, or simply be told to watch out for the email coming to them requesting more information.

With the cost of domains and hosting, it's a wonder that more people don't have these out there, but they don't and they lose thousands each day for their business lacking these key marketing tools.

We're here to change that and we're doing it for a great price. This is an investment in your business. It's an ongoing tool to serve you and your products and services, getting you a quick marketing arm out there to bring people to your site, to create that list and give you a flock of customers to market/sell to who WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS.

So where's the catch? You can read more about things on the website at see the video, read about our PREMIER package that includes your hosting for your site(s), and the domain name as well. We're ready to help you and your business be seen by many, and then be able to deliver to them quickly your offerings.

If you're shopping around for a Squeeze Page/Sales Page and want to know the quickest way to get one, you'll want to get to our site immediately and sign up. We still have a few spots left open on this and once they're gone, then the $997 price will go away.

We'd hate for you to miss out on something that will change your presence on the web in a good way. Don't waste time, get over to right now.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this. Happy Sunday!


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