Allen West Letter to President Obama

I hope this is readable, especially by people like Mike Madden, Mrs. Hancock, Eugene Dittler and passed along to others so that we can all receive an answer from our current 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue OCCUPANT. Personally as a VET, I'd like to know "What were you thinking?" Who were you looking out for? What were you protecting by turning someone like this over to someone who was going to wash their hands of this matter while our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., die to protect our freedom?

Why in UNIVERSE should you be re-elected to the highest office in the land? So that as Oprah put it in India you can "make mistakes?" Do that on YOUR TIME, NOT ON OURS!

And...have some balls to step up and explain things like this. You can google "allen west letter to president" to see how broad this one has gone. It's MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. A weekend where we HONOR our passed service people, as well as those who still are out there working and watching and marching and fighting to keep our shores as free as they are.

Mr. President...Can you step up to the mic and give us an answer? (insert the sound of a billion crickets here).

Of course if the image I posted is not readable it will be on posterous when I repost this.


And for those VETS out there who like me stand in a moment of silence this weekend/tomorrow for our fallen brothers/sisters/fathers/mothers/family I say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. THANK YOU FOR STANDING WITH ME FOR OUR COUNTRY. I HONOR YOU. I BLESS YOU. I WISH YOU GOD SPEED.

And for all of the active duty personnel, no matter what branch of service. THANK YOU for doing what you do, wherever you do it, in the name of the Stars & Stripes which fly over this land and which serve as a beacon to those who would desire a better way of being in their time here.

We love you. God bless you, your families, and God bless America.

Here's the letter that was unclear of facebook:

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