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So if you're hanging around with me in any form online, you've heard me mention this new program that I am on. Bodybyvi is what it's called. 
It's developed by a company called Visalus Sciences and it's a lifestyle change, not just a weightloss program. Sure you can lose the weight, that's the easy side of things, but the lifestyle changing is something you have to move into if you desire to be complete. Sure that's a bold statement, but if I didn't believe it, I'd not be using the product.

A month ago I tried a 5 shake sample pack and was impressed to say the least. I then ordered 2 packages of shake mix and decided to try it out to see what my result would be. I was impressed with a couple of things in this program:

b. actual results as in the weight does come off
c. actual results as in the weight STAYS OFF
d. the ingredients are healthy and your body responds well to them
e. if you're doing kosher things, it's kosher certified.
f. if you're diabetic this is good stuff for you as well.

So what have my results been you ask?

In the first 19 days of my "challenge" I've lost 15lbs and it's stayed off. Sometimes weight will just fall off, other times it will slowly move down the scale. My diet? Right now I am doing two shakes a day and then for an evening meal I have a small portion sensible meal. Sometimes just veggies, or I have chicken or steak in smaller portions that I have previously.

I drink Alkaline water (not a program requirement, just one of desire by me) during the day and I've cut my caffeine consumption down considerably as I don't feel a need for coffee when drinking the shakes. The metabolism is just moving right along and I rarely tire when walking the dog now.

I made a decision financially as well. This is the fun part. I wanted to see what my true savings would be monthly if I stopped doing all the eating out that I was doing previously. It's SHOCKING!


a. breakfast at Carl's Jr.

b. Lunch at Carl's Jr.

c. Dinner at Rubio's (fish taco tuesdays!!!)

d. Pizza from Papa John's or some other eating out venue.

Yes, that was my routine and it was one that was based on stress-eating. Now, same amount of stress at times, less eating. Go figure!! 

Taking those and multiplying them times 5-6 days a week...we're talking a HUGE investment in the fast food industry as well as the medical one for the health problems.

With Visalus I bought a Transformation Kit ($250.00) and I am still using that now and it's not even been 1 month. The savings...A LOT! Because when running out for fast food, there's the gas expense in there as well. I've been stashing that money back into the bank and now I can look forward to having some extra cash each month because where a month was costing around $450.00 - $550.00 for food, it's now $250 and that's substantial.

As my business grows and some others see the benefits in this, they'll join our "TEAM" and we'll grow their business together with ours and eventually we'll achieve some monthly residual income as well as a chance to have a BMW lease paid for by the company. That's second nature for me. The primary reason I got into this was not the income or the car. It's the HEALTH. That's my WHY.

So I wanted to take a minute and share with you this is why I am doing this business and program. It's working for me. Will it work for you? That depends on you. Would I recommend it? For the first time in more than 20 years, my own Father looked at me and said "DAMN!! You've LOST WEIGHT!!!" 

(He didn't even say that when I'd dropped 35lbs using HCG (which is a great kickstarter for weightloss, but not a lifestyle you can sustain. I guarantee that. I gained back all but 2 of those lbs in less than 1 year after I'd gotten on HCG. It's not something I encourage people to use as a long term solution. It's basically yo-yo dieting. However, if that's your kick then go to and purchase from there. That's the best solution for that on the market.)

Now, if you're serious about a shift in lifestyle that's healthy, that sustains, that doesn't make you crave things when you look at them, that keeps you full all day long, that leaves your body in better shape than it found it, and that will allow you to sleep at night knowing you're doing good things for you, then take a moment and go to: and learn more about this.

And if you're interested in doing the business you can learn more about it there, you can also see some of the tools that the program provides you when you sign up as a distributor to allow you to easily promote the program to others and create that residual income in your life. Here are some of the other sites they give you as a distributor, all ready to go and show, all ready to capture names, send emails to prospective clients and manage the process in an amazing way: - If you're wanting a BMW to drive around and enjoy paid for by the company, learn more here - Learn more about weight loss here - Learn how to leverage social media to make an income online easily - Learn fast easy ways to recessionproof your income NOW, not later.

In my business as DocMurdock when I like something I give it my "DocMurdock-APPROVED" stamp. Visalus gets that BIGTIME! It's working for me and I am not finished with my challenge yet. When I am you'll love the results as much as I will. I can't wait to share them with you and I'd be honored if you'd join me on this ride. It's a great one and it will truly change your life for the better.

Check out the sites, let me know if you have questions and I look forward to seeing less and less of you as we journey together to our chosen goal :)

With much love, understanding and wishes for abundance in your life.

Michael Murdock

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