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Body by Vi...

So if you're hanging around with me in any form online, you've heard me mention this new program that I am on. Bodybyvi is what it's called. 
It's developed by a company called Visalus Sciences and it's a lifestyle change, not just a weightloss program. Sure you can lose the weight, that's the easy side of things, but the lifestyle changing is something you have to move into if you desire to be complete. Sure that's a bold statement, but if I didn't believe it, I'd not be using the product.A month ago I tried a 5 shake sample pack and was impressed to say the least. I then ordered 2 packages of shake mix and decided to try it out to see what my result would be. I was impressed with a couple of things in this program: a. NO CRAVINGS for SNACKS!!! b. actual results as in the weight does come off c. actual results as in the weight STAYS OFF d. the ingredients are healthy and your body responds well to them e. if you're doing kosher things, it's kosh…