So we met a dog...

On January 11th we thought we'd have a normal day. This was the day after launching The Orange County Business Experts. I was not 100% feeling well, but offered to take some equipment back to Irvine to return it, and on the way Maria needed to go to a quick meeting with our partners from Phoenix. So we went to meet them at their hotel in Huntington Beach. As we pulled into the parking lot we noticed this cute little dog bouncing around the parking lot looking for food. Nobody was watching him, he had no leash, no collar and it looked like not much hope.

As we got out of the car he saw us and came running our direction. This was the start of an amazing day. He appeared to be abandoned and we were shocked. This dog had a well groomed coat, perfect nails, perfect teeth and the disposition of a house broken puppy with a yearning to be loved. The universe had delivered to us a gift that we were to share with another.


Maria had her meeting with the team and while we were inside the hotel, the dog joined us and wandered around. The Manager at this particular hotel was not accommodating in the least. "Remove that dog" he said to us. Personally I was a bit miffed at the person who looked like he was just an unhappy person stuck behind a desk, so I took the dog to a local petsmart store had him checked over at the Banfield Desk there to see if there was a microchip present so we could track the owner. No chip. No license. We also noticed that he had not been fed in a while. They gave me a leash to put him on, see the picture:


So whoever had this dog, took good care of him, but yet starved him and they did not want him to be tied to them in any way...interesting.

We got on the road, headed to Irvine to return our equipment and where we did that we found who would 24 hours later become the owner of this wonderful fur-being. This guy was thrilled to meet this dog that had wandered into our lives and Maria was quick to say "HEY YOU WANT A DOG?" He said YES!!! I was a bit protective of our new friend as I knew there were things that had to be done to see if the current owner would surface, plus there was something else flowing into me that said this dog was here to teach us something and we needed some time with it.

I told the guy we had to check on the current owners and would get back with him. So we came home went to work on Craigslist, posting an ad there with pictures. I had posted one at Petsmart with our contact info on it, and then we took the dog to another spot to see if there was anyone looking for him or if there was a possibility to put him up for adoption. We contacted a local animal rescue NO-KILL Shelter, but they were full and could only refer us elsewhere.

We brought the puppy home and I named him "Buddy". Hey Buddy! I said and he leaped up and licked my face. Maybe his name was Buddy after all! I fed him, watered him, and even gave him a quick shampoo to make sure he was nice and clean for the activities of the following day.

Our dog Sophie is a bit territorial so when she looked out the window and saw her Daddy fawning over this puppy she began growling and barking and well needless to say it was a bit interesting when I went to sleep, Sophie curled up next to me and all of a sudden out of no where the bed starts moving around underneath. Puppy had wandered up stairs into the bedroom and was under the bed playing with Sophie's toys. The growling ensued and well finally all went to sleep after much laughter and a few OH BOY that was somethings!

The following day, I woke, checked all the places we'd posted Ads...Nothing. So we contacted our guy in Irvine and arranged to take the dog down to him. On the way I connected with Buddy and explained to him that we were taking him to his new owner and that he should be well looked after. He looked at me with these big eyes and then stood up and licked my face. A bit disconcerting to have that happen at 65mph on the freeway, but unconditional love is just that. It happens when it chooses to.

Buddy ready to lick Michael's face! He's quick on the draw!


Buddy pondering his new owner

Buddy resting a bit before we arrived

Upon arrival, I got Buddy out of the car, he saw the new owner and instantly ran to be with him licking his hands and face and saying a big hello. I told the guy that I had named the dog Buddy and he said "That's so funny, that's the name I wanted to give him". So the name has stuck, in fact, he's been named "Buddy Guy" after a Blues Guitarist of the same name. What a great name and it does fit! He's a BUDDY and he's a GUY doggie!!!

So what was the universe reminding us of you ask? Unconditional love. To show up as equals in this timespace and to treat all as same is truly important in understanding how to best serve the greater good in this time. When we do this we level the space in which we hold for others to show up and connect with us. There is no speaking down to or up from, there is equality and love unconditional. From this can come nothing but love, peace, joy, understanding and clarity of purpose in being here and now.

Here's one video of him playing with me: 

and here's a second video I took of him, so playful he is. Am glad we found him a home: 

Thank you Universe for this lesson, and thank you Buddy for your spirit and love in the time you spent with us. We appreciate you and are so grateful that you came and connected with us. Whoever let you go...we bless them and wish them well on their way and we thank them for letting you be free to choose who you desired to be with and mentor going forward.

We love you. We hope you enjoyed reading about Buddy Guy, the amazing puppy. We wish him and his new owner well. We pray for them and wish them much clarity, enlightenment, peace and understanding along their new path.


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