Pimp your ride? Nope! YOUR CUBE!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

Does your CUBE SUCK to work in?

Starting the 5th of January, Contest Factory will be taking submission videos of cubes at offices. From these they will decide at the end of the month the worst looking cube and award the Pimp My Cube prize!!

What you want to do is upload a video of your cube (don't break any work laws doing this) and share why your cube is the worst, your technology the oldest and why you should be the winner of the PMC prize. Once you do and fill out the registration information, you're IN!

Click the link below to enter on the site:

Pimp My Cube Contest

How do you upload the video? You can use a phone or webcam. Once you get your video online, let your friends, family, coworkers know about it so that they can vote for you and help you win!

What's the prize for doing this? It's going to be a $1200 value of a high end computer system, desk, chair, espresso machine and some other goodies as well. A great way to become the new corner of your office for people to hang out at.

One thing I loved when I worked for PIXAR was being able to customize our spaces. We never had an opportunity to have someone come in and do it for us!!! This ROCKS!!!

Also, check out this contest video sample right here:

That guy's in sad shape! If you're working in a space like that one...Get your cam out and get to work making your short video and get it in today!!

Save yourself and your cube!! Let us PIMP YOUR CUBE!!!

Thanks for taking time to read this one and pass it along.



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