I want to brag about YOU & YOUR PROGRAM

And here's how I want to do it...

I've been in the internet marketing/affiliate marketing business for what seems like forever. I've seen people come and seen people go and it's always amazing to me that the ones that stick around are the ones that are really making the money and having fun doing it.

So, for the rest of those out there who think they have the chops for a challenge, I will offer you a $250K bonus to the first one of you that works with me and helps me to BANK $1 Million dollars by the 30th of November 2012.

That's right. With all those wonderful programs out there with all those guarantees, I challenge you to use me as your test case of "I can help anyone make a million dollars on the web using my methods and I guarantee it."

Here's the rules to this:

a. I will be instructed by you in your methods, all under non-disclosure/non-compete, and I will follow your directions of success because you're already a liquid millionaire and you know what the best method of achieving success is.

b. It cannot cost me one dime to do and it cannot involve any list of people that I currently work with. This has to be all fresh based on techniques that you'll teach me for building a list interested in your product. I am not paying for your product. You are investing in yourself, and in me and I am offering my 30 years of tech background to be tested to prove your product and methods work. In turn I am going to tell the entire world your product is amazing and they need to buy it (if it in fact is amazing and does work).

c. The database that gets built from it is mine and you have no access to it, until we JOINT VENTURE which once you've helped me do this and I am bragging about you, we'll be joint venturing a lot.

d. In exchange, you get $250K in CASH from me out of the $1 Million you're helping me to bank. If we do this in 6 months, you can bump that up bonus to $500K. That means if you've helped me bank $1 Million in 6 months using your great program, that I will take $500K of that and give it right back to you. That's one heck of a return on your investment of both TIME (which I consider to be HIGHLY valuable, and MONEY as well)

e. This has to be a legal, moral, ethical venture (no porn please).

f. It has to all be done on the web, with no off web activities involved. No cold calling, no door knocking, nothing like that.

g. and yes I will work on weekends, and no I will not be traveling while doing this. I may be visiting Scottsdale or Phoenix during this time period, but I will not be traveling to accomplish what we're going to be working on together.

h. and yes this can be through clickbank promotions of your product to a list which we create, etc. It has to be a new list built from scratch using your list building methods which you're teaching me.

i. If your methods and your program do NOT deliver as you say they will, you will revamp your program and your methods so that they will. I will help you with that as I have a way of seeing how others interact with products and services and what their expectations are.

So if there is ANY internet marketer out there who has the chops to put their program to the test, I am ready to put my name to a contract and to get to work making this happen. Are you out there?

I am putting this out for a simple reason. I have seen a ton of these programs out there. And nobody seems to stand behind them with any real chutzpah. So I want to have someone out there in the business that I can laud what they do to everyone. I'll be posting ads in papers for them when this is done, speaking about them at events, bragging all over facebook, twitter, to the news media, etc. I'll be a one person wall street billboard for their product if they can truly deliver what I have posted above, and I will get a newscrew to come out and film the presentation of the cash or check to them live, and get it onto CNN and some other places as well.

Why? Because I see people getting ripped off by a lot of hacks out there and there truly has to be one person out there who has a product, a system that I've not seen, that works and could use a name or brand behind them to double, triple, quadruple their business and I am willing to do that.

So...anyone? If you're out there, make sure you email me at ceo@docmurdock.com and let me know you're the one and let's get this party started. You have until the 30th of November to sign things and get going, and I am busy on the 29th and the 1st of December.

Thanks for reading (and I know there are several out there chuckling, but if I am right there will be at least 1 person surface to take this on quickly. Look for my postings.)


**Please note, $100,000 of the money will be donated into a charity to help a number of Veterans who need that assistance. The charity will be created by us and it will be monitored by professionals to ensure that nobody is left out.**

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