RIP Steve. You, my friend will be truly missed

Today is a day I will never forget. It's a day when someone who influenced me for years, mentored me, coached me, and inspired me moved on.

The sphere feels emptier this day as news of the passing of Steve Jobs fills the air. The TV is lit up with it, it's on the web and on Apple's website the following image
really says it all:

(image rights belong to Apple, Inc., All Rights Reserved.)

I first met Steve Jobs on University Avenue in Palo Alto one morning back in 1987 as he was walking to a local muffin shop. Later I found that many who had been at Apple with him were going there and eventually I talked with him briefly in passing and said "One day I'd like to work for you". 

Move to March 16th, 1991 when I began my workday at PIXAR in Pt Richmond, CA. Steve and Laurene were married on my birthday, the 18th of March. So I did not see him that week, but when he did return we reconnected and he remembered the Palo Alto meeting. His words were simple: "You've gotten your wish. Welcome to your new home".

Later in my time there would be things like a phone call "Mike can you come here and help me, it's Steve".

I had the honor of working with this man for 6 years at PIXAR. The times I shared in talking with him and learning from him I will cherish as jewels in an amazing basket of abundance. The wisdom he shared with me which is private to this day was shear brilliance and I thank him for it.

Rest in Peace Steve. Thanks for all you shared during your time in the sphere, and you will truly be missed. Our prayers are with the family this evening and the spirit of the man as he makes the journey home and receives the reward. 

God Speed Steve Jobs.


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