Navigate throughout the USA from $3.99 this Labor Day weekend with CoPilot Live!

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Navigate throughout the USA from $3.99 this Labor Day weekend with CoPilot Live!

You have the car all packed for that long weekend away and you quickly begin to regret your decision because you end up spending what feels like a good part of your weekend stuck in traffic. Horns blaring, bumper to bumper traffic, backseat screams of 'are we there yet?' you wonder what possessed you to leave home in the first place.

Well, pack your bags and load up the family, because technology is on your side this Labor Day weekend. CoPilot Live is offering some great holiday weekend discounts on voice-guided GPS navigation apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Starting at just $3.99 for unlimited use, voice-guided navigation throughout the USA, CoPilot Live apps transform your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a powerful in-car GPS navigation system. Maps are stored on-board, so you can find the way with confidence, knowing that CoPilot Live will take care of directions.

Add the optional ActiveTraffic™ service ($9.99 for 12 months) and it will even find the best way to your destination avoiding congestion on route!

CoPilot Live GPS Navigation apps are available for Android, iPhone and iPad through Android Market and iTunes.

Choose from CoPilot Live Standard (available from just $3.99) for basic 2D navigation features
for iPhoneAndroid and iPad

Or CoPilot Live Premium (available from $19.99) for an advanced 3D navigation experience
for iPhone, Android and iPad

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