My New iPad 2...

A review by Michael Murdock (This image and others taken with iPad 2 camera.)
**Full Disclosure, I was provided a copy of the book for review purposes. No other compensation provided**

When the iPad first was released there was a book out that I reviewed called "My New Ipad". Now that the iPad 2 is out, Wallace has updated things and come forward with "My New iPad 2".

No Starch Press brings this publication to market with excellent delivery and this time the book is filled with color images which for me work well being that the iPad 2 has a camera and allows you to capture your world, as well as interview people as well as do facetime chatting with others.

I find a lot of how-to guides boring because they publishers go cheap and make them in black and white, but it's apparent that NoStarch took the high road with this and invested in color. Wallace takes you through the basics of using the iPad 2 as well as optimizing the usage of the batteries in this new piece of technology.

What I enjoy about Wallace is he's not talking over your head. He doesn't assume that you know every piece of the technology and what the nomenclature or parts are, he takes it at a level where you feel comfortable reading the book, don't get lost and in the end you'll know what the iPad 2 is and how to best use it for work, for play, or for simply relaxing and watching a movie on it.

In Chapter 1 he covers the basics of turning things on, putting the iPad 2 to sleep, waking it, as well as using Airplane mode which not only works on those iPad 2's which have 3g, but that control is also present in the Wifi versions, so make sure you look that section over, especially if you're going to be flying with your iPad 2.

Chapter 2, Wallace covers optimizing battery power. When to charge you iPad 2 and when to let it run down and refresh the batteries. How to monitor battery life, and how to use bluetooth ear pieces and other devices with the iPad 2 to get the most out of it. Did you know you can use a bluetooth keyboard as well as a bluetooth headset with this device? It's true!

In Chapter 3 he talks about the physical and virtual controls of the iPad 2. How to use the multitasking features in iOS and how to configure that screen lock or mute switch. You can adjust this in the settings >> General area under "Use side switch to..." . 


Chapter 4 discusses controlling the multi touch screen functions such as scroll, quick scroll, Zoom. It's been said that when iOS 5 comes out that there will be some additional 'gestures' available for the iPad 2 which could easily be updated and implemented as the screen offers a larger space than simply a mouse or trackpad. Can't wait for those to come in.

In Chapter 5 you learn there's more you can do with keyboards so this is something you'll want to check into, whether you use the virtual keyboard on the screen, or one that's physically attached to the ipad via the dock connector.

Chapter 6 will show you things about customizing the home screen and Chapter 7 is Parental Controls. 

Chapter 8 gets into PRIVACY which seems to be a favorite of a lot of readers out there. The iPad 2 offers some of the same protections as the iPhone does with regards to Privacy and keeping your information out of the hands of others.


Chapter 9 will share with you how to get your internet connection set up, of if you're using an iPad 2 that has 3g built in, you'll learn how to set that up as well as some additional ideas for connecting to the internet.

Chapter 10 discusses Installing and Uninstalling Apps. Finding them, adding them, moving them around, all sorts of things around apps and their usage.

Chapter 11 will get you into the use of Safari, opening multiple webpages, as well as other ways of browsing information on the web. Who thought that reading could be so much fun! We all say that we don't read now, but in reality we read more and more as we're glancing at more and more web pages each and every day. Either on our computer, iPad, other tablet device, or smartphone.

Chapter 12 Talks bookmarks in Safari as well as creating folders for bookmarks and other data management related to Safari.

Chapter 13 gets you to setting up email either automatically or manually and Chapter 14 gets into the usage of Mail and how to properly operate this app so that you are checking, reading, sending, emails as soon as possible.

Chapter 15 gets into Videos, Music, Photos and Ebooks. Using the iPad 2 as a reading device you will find eventually you want music, videos, photos, and books on it to keep you in tune with what's going on out there. I find myself reading things, removing them, taking pictures, saving them on the computer, deleting them, taking this chapter covers that for you.

And there are another 15 chapters after this, but you get the idea :) This is more about you taking this book and browsing the parts you desire to read in it, or reference in it. It's an excellent guide to the iPad 2 and one that I come back to time and time again to get clarity on things in.


If you have an iPad 2 or you're thinking about getting one (as I was when I got the book to review), I would pick up a copy of this book to have around as a resource to make your iPad 2 experience an informed and positive one. It's well worth your investment. You can find the book at many online retailers.

Thanks for taking time to read.


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