I love saving money on phone bills!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

But the problem is that when you're tied to one contract with one company you're always going to get something you don't desire: A monthly bill that makes you want to cry!

Enter - Straight Talk. Listen to this: Hook, line and sinker

No contracts, great service, great connections, mobile web, and the ability to cut your cell bill in half! What if you could pay just $499 for a year of service for a great phone? Would that save you some money? How about unlimited minutes? We have them. How about unlimited text and picture messages? We have them too! (personally I pay over $1200 per year for my phone so this makes perfect sense to me!)

Check out this video for some great news: >> real Straight Talk customer

And check out these videos as well >> Video 1


and finally this one: VIDEO 3

Now that you've seen that, what's stopping you from switching? It's easy to transport your number to this service. Simply call your current provider and let them know you want to switch. Drop over to your nearest Straight Talk location and pick the phone you want then follow the instructions to move your number over to our great service.

Listen to what some of our customers say about the service and what it's done for them:

The thing to remember about phones is they can be found everywhere. You're using yours right now to read this aren't you? Well you could be! And you could be doing it on our network with our phone for less than you're paying for all of those latte's each month. Think about that for a second and then get over to our site, see our phones and switch today. You ask for the straight scoop in your news, why not get some Straight Talk in your life today.

everything you need is right here.

Thanks for taking time to read this.


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