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I love saving money on phone bills!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine. But the problem is that when you're tied to one contract with one company you're always going to get something you don't desire: A monthly bill that makes you want to cry! Enter - Straight Talk. Listen to this: Hook, line and sinker No contracts, great service, great connections, mobile web, and the ability to cut your cell bill in half! What if you could pay just $499 for a year of service for a great phone? Would that save you some money? How about unlimited minutes? We have them. How about unlimited text and picture messages? We have them too! (personally I pay over $1200 per year for my phone so this makes perfect sense to me!) Check out this video for some great news: >> real Straight Talk customer And check out these videos as well >> Video 1VIDEO 2 and finally this one: VIDEO 3 Now that you've seen that, what's stopping you from switching? It's easy to transport your numb…

Domains For Sale

New CoPilot Live Apps for iPhone and iPads are Here

Get your copies NOW!!! DocMurdock APPROVED & RECOMMENDED
To share this message, click hereThis is a message from CoPilot Live. To make sure emails from us are always delivered to your inbox, please add to your address book.Read the latest news on the CoPilot Live BlogAs a valued CoPilot Live customer, you can take advantage of our special introductory offer to get CoPilot Live Premium USA for $9.99 or CoPilot Live Premium HD USA for only $14.99. This special offer is for one week only!

We’re excited to reveal our brand new navigation apps - CoPilot Live Premium and CoPilot Live Premium HD. Designed with you in mind, a new approach to routing, combined with a simplified menu ensures that CoPilot Live is ready to guide you via your best way. CoPilot Live - Re-engineered With a sleek new dashboard style guidance view, improved route calculation and new Live services, it’s designed to keep you better informed while on the move.

My New iPad 2...

A review by Michael Murdock (This image and others taken with iPad 2 camera.) **Full Disclosure, I was provided a copy of the book for review purposes. No other compensation provided** When the iPad first was released there was a book out that I reviewed called "My New Ipad". Now that the iPad 2 is out, Wallace has updated things and come forward with "My New iPad 2".No Starch Press brings this publication to market with excellent delivery and this time the book is filled with color images which for me work well being that the iPad 2 has a camera and allows you to capture your world, as well as interview people as well as do facetime chatting with others. I find a lot of how-to guides boring because they publishers go cheap and make them in black and white, but it's apparent that NoStarch took the high road with this and invested in color. Wallace takes you through the basics of using the iPad 2 as well as optimizing the usage of the batteries in this new piece of…

CoPilot Live Standard & Premium

**Full Disclosure. I was provided a copy of CoPilot Live Standard & Premium for the iPhone to use in my review of the product.** It's always fun to take a trip and to see how things turn out when you use varying services. For me I use a couple of different items just for the sake of seeing which one delivers the best result, offers the most distraction-less experience and delivers me to the destination the most times successfully.Driving apps are becoming more and more of a requirement in the era of smart-phones. Each of them playing to a different niche, each of them offering features that the others don't and some simply refining or innovating the features of others. One that stands out in this crowd for me is CoPilot from I have tried a couple of different apps out there and things that are important to me are: A. Speed of the app B. Responsiveness to the environment (does it update according to traffic information and advise alternate routing) C. Informational ser…