CoPilot LIVE Premium & CoPilot Live Standard Available

I love this app set on the iPhone, I know you will as well. Having a navigation app that makes map data available on your phone for those times when the cloud fails you is a beautiful thing.

Read this announcement and know the Mac version rev is in the queue to be released to the App Store. Once it is we'll announce it here!


In the Android store now. Apple version update forthcoming.

ALK Technologies Unveils New Generation of CoPilot Live Navigation Apps
Includes the ability to fully personalize your route, access to social content and a new simplified user interface for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Princeton, NJJune 27, 2011—ALK Technologies Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of mobile navigation software, today announced a new generation of CoPilot Live GPS navigation apps for iPhone, iPad and Android-powered mobile devices.  The initial apps available from the new platform are CoPilot Live Premium and CoPilot Live Standard.

“With our new collection of CoPilot Live apps, we’ve created a unique navigation experience, combining innovative and exciting features such as drag routing, with a social dimension that makes it easy to share your journey with friends,” says Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director of CoPilot Business Unit. “Personalization is key to our approach.  We want to empower drivers to choose or create their ideal route to any destination.  Taking personalization a step further, we’ve also introduced the concept of users creating an app designed specifically for them.”

For the user who wants an advanced navigation experience, our CoPilot Live Premium app offers unlimited use of our full set of features.  For users who may not need all the features CoPilot Live has to offer, we’re introducing a cost-effective approach that allows them to select and purchase only the features they need.  The CoPilot Live Standard app includes full turn-by-turn navigation and route calculation along with the ability to add as many advanced features as the user needs via in-app purchase, to completely customize their app to their personal liking.

The all new CoPilot Live apps guide you where you need to go, via the way that suits you best, in-car or on foot. Featuring a completely new user interface, that provides quick and easy access to relevant driving features right when you need them.

It’s a new, more interactive way to navigate, with the unique ability to drag your route to adjust it and tap anywhere on the map to go there or discover useful location-specific information.

New Features Available

Personal Routes™:  CoPilot Live helps you find your best way to any destination with a choice of up to three alternate routes, displaying journey time and mileage for each. Fine-tuning the route is easy: simply drag the route or a destination to a preferred street you wish to take or location to navigate to.

Intuitive User Interface: CoPilot Live puts all the navigation and driving features you need right at your fingertips, when you need them. Simply tap anywhere on the map to add it as a destination, discover location-specific information or share it with friends.

Social Navigation: Share your journey details and check ins with in-app Facebook and Twitter updates. Fully integrated Bing™ local Internet search and Wikipedia make it easy to find all the nearby businesses, services and local attractions you need.

Speed Limit Displays: CoPilot Live displays the speed limits on major roads and informs you with on-screen and audible alerts if you accidentally exceed it.

Superior Guidance In-car or On Foot:  The sleek new dashboard-style guidance display provides clear, non-distracting directions with a choice of 3D, 2D and Directions-only navigation views.  Lane Assist arrows, real signpost information and realistic ClearTurn™ display provide enhanced guidance at complex interchanges.  An all new walking mode with digital compass support* makes it easy to find the way around a city on foot.

What else can you expect?

·         On-board Maps with Free Map Updates for 1 year:  maps are stored on-board your device so you can navigate offline without using your data plan

·         Text-to-Speech (TTS) voice directions with full street names

·         Take Me to My Car: to save the exact location of your car and easily find it later

·         Door-to-Door Trip Planning: enter up to 50 stops and optimize the itinerary

·         Photo Navigation:  drive to a geotagged picture taken by your smartphone

·         Copy/Paste a destination into the address entry screen

·         Detour Feature: to avoid unexpected delays or specific sections of your route

·         Millions of Points of Interest (POIs) with in-app dialing

·         ActiveTraffic™: (optional service) use real-time traffic information to calculate the fastest route to your destination and get accurate ETAs

·         Live Weather information at your location or destination

·         Live Fuel Prices: (optional service) to find the cheapest gas station nearby

·         In-app news and updates to keep you informed about improvements and updates available to you


CoPilot Live Premium USA is available to purchase through Android Market for a 7 day introductory price of $9.99.  CoPilot Live Premium includes unlimited use of the full set of navigation features.  Following the 7 day promotion the app will be available for $29.99.

CoPilot Live Standard USA is available to purchase through Android Market for a 7 day introductory price of $2.99. CoPilot Live Standard includes basic turn-by-turn navigation and route calculation with the option to add unlimited use of advanced navigation features via in-app purchase.  Following the 7 day promotion the app will be available for $4.99.

Use of the ActiveTraffic™ service for 12 months is available for $9.99 and 12 months’ use of the Live Fuel Prices service is available for $4.99 via in-app purchase.

CoPilot Live Premium USA for iPhone, CoPilot Live Standard USA for iPhone and CoPilot Live Premium HD USA for iPad 3G are currently awaiting approval from Apple and are expected to be available on the iTunes App Store shortly.

View a Flickr gallery of the new CoPilot Live Apps

More information is available on the Android Market

*Digital Compass support where available on device

About ALK Technologies

ALK Technologies has been developing innovative mobile navigation and transportation technology solutions since 1979. ALK’s award-winning CoPilot® Live™ GPS navigation apps are among the most award-winning in the industry and among the best-selling on app stores worldwide including iTunes and Android Market. CoPilot Live is the navigation platform of choice for mobile operators, hardware OEMs and enterprise systems integrators globally.

More information is available at, on Facebook and Twitter.


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