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CoPilot LIVE Premium & CoPilot Live Standard Available

I love this app set on the iPhone, I know you will as well. Having a navigation app that makes map data available on your phone for those times when the cloud fails you is a beautiful thing. Read this announcement and know the Mac version rev is in the queue to be released to the App Store. Once it is we'll announce it here! Mike In the Android store now. Apple version update forthcoming. ALK Technologies Unveils New Generation of CoPilot Live Navigation Apps Includes the ability to fully personalize your route, access to social content and a new simplified user interface for iPhone, iPad and Android devices Princeton, NJJune 27, 2011—ALK Technologies Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of mobile navigation software, today announced a new generation of CoPilot Live GPS navigation apps for iPhone, iPad and Android-powered mobile devices.  The initial apps available from the new platform are CoPilot Live Premium and CoPilot Live Standard.“With our new collection of CoPilot Live ap…

I think you should get your Groupon: Up to Half Off Entrepreneur Summit in Irvine

If you're not at this event next weekend in Irvine, you are going to miss some SERIOUS ENERGY. $99 for One Ticket to the Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit 2011 Presented by CEC Global Events in Irvine (Up to $198 Value)
Check it out right now and whatever you do tell all your friends too! They'll be thanking you for connecting them with real business makers that are not pitching their wares from the stage, but rather sitting down and masterminding with you in a completely unheard of event format. You have to be there to experience this. So...what are you waiting around here for? Click the link above and get moving! You'll be thanking me next Monday, if not sooner. Mike Posted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits