There are days...

There are days we all remember. August 22nd, 1978 was one of them for me. Not only was Dad sporting some pretty wild sideburns, but he had gotten dressed in his dress uniform to swear me in at my enlistment ceremony for joining the US NAVY.

The picture though is a tribute to my Mom. At the time and as you can see by the look on her face, Mom was proud. She was totally aware of everything that was happening in my life and what I was going to become when I took that oath. It was a great time for our family.

We'd been around the globe and back. We lived in Oregon. Dad had survived a heart attack, purchased and had a home built, and life was pretty good. The next year 52 Americans would be taken hostage, I would go overseas to the Persian Gulf with many others and life on the planet would change forever. That was the beginning of interesting times. But Mom and Dad...they'd continue on.

A few weeks ago I saw my Mother. She's 81 this year, has dementia and barely knows who I am. My Dad has gotten up there too and we're looking to help him as he experiences a new side of life as well.

As tomorrow is Mother's Day, I thought it would be good to look back and say "Thanks Mom for all the wonderful things you did and gave me in my life. Thank you for being a guiding light to show me to the rest of the world and thank you for being the one who was always there when I needed someone to listen. I love you with all my heart. Bless you this day and all those you choose to remain here for. When your time has come, I will bless you and wish you well on your journey. You deserve a rest after all that you've done in this lifetime. Happy Mothers Day."

With all my heart, your son.



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