Did you see the news? Did you catch that story?

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Not if you're not an owner of the amazing new app for the iPad called the collection

In this fast paced world of today it's important to stay ahead of the pack with regards to what's going on in the world.

The collection is just that. It's a collection of media about various topics. We'd encourage you to go to the App Store and download this today. The app is free, and within it you can preview the issues you'd like to view.

An interactive publication tends to pull the reader into the story and make them a part of what's there. This is important because it touches the reader and encourages them to engage, to become a voice for the subject to others.

Every month this "appazine" will be published with new topics. It will touch on these using varying forms of media including, but not limited to: articles, audio, photography, video, 3d animation, interactive elements, panoramic photographs and much more. No other publication out there has included all of these without seeming lost in what they were trying to convey to the readers.

One of the coolest things about your reading this post besides learning about "the collection" is that the app creators have a contest and the prize you can win is an iPad (complete with the collection App free for the remainder of the year!). All you need to do is click the following link to send out a tweet to enter.

tweet to enter

A great contest for this App which is ONLY available for the iPad. Whether you're swiping, tapping, or rubbing your iPad while looking at this app doesn't matter. You'll find a new surprise with every gesture you make.

Do yourself a favor and download the App today. It's FREE and it's available right now.

See you in the News!


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