Something really original...

So the call went out,

"When was the last time you wrote something truly original on your blog?"

How about now?

Something really original...what could that be... E=Mc2...nope that's not original and with all the down talk on Nuclear now, who knows what might happen to my blog. It might actually get famous. Never can tell.

I suppose I could just dash out a few simple thoughts before that original enough? Depends on what the thoughts or musings entail.

I could pitch some products here like or or tell people to go to: and sign in to learn how to create time from thin air, but those would not be original. Been there done that.

I could ask if anyone went out and got me the Blu-ray Combo Pack with Digital copy of TRON LEGACY, but that might be considered self-serving in some way.

I could share that I got a really good deal at Starbucks today on a 1lb bag of coffee and a nice looking logo'd container to store it in. I suppose I could brag on that, and that the Starbucks that I purchased it from on Beach Blvd & Garfield Ave in Huntington Beach has much better service and customer interactions than the store over on Golden West & Yorktown in Huntington Beach.

and of course I could brag that today while others were toiling at a desk that we went to the beach for a walk with the dog, talked about business, and actually made money while that was going on as that's what folks who are in internet marketing do.

Or I could simply say words which come to me through that group known as The Many who simply say:

"Thanks for taking the time from your moment to read this and appreciate the depth at which it seeks to connect with you. The depth of your heart which is in turn connected to the next heart and so on as we all beat in this life as one musical note. We're here to serve the greater good, to teach many, to connect with same and to allow all to achieve all the desire to achieve in this lifetime so long as they choose to do so. Life is truly meant to be fun and when it ceases to be so, it becomes that thing called work that so many fear and that's not why we're here in these human shells. We're here to have universal fun, promote universal truth, love, and the exploration of all we desire to explore from this place known as Earth. But we get to choose this as the one who is called God deemed it to be so.

And so it is.

Much love to all.

Michael & The Many

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