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(Full disclosure, Equinux has provided me a demo copy of the software to use for my review. I have not been paid any compensation for anything that I have written below and all opinions are my own).

Now, on to the review...

Mail Designer for the Mac. Want great looking stationery for your email? Look no further. Not only do you get great looking templates that can be modified, but you can also easily create your own using guides which make it truly easy for you to achieve great results in a short amount of time.

The 28 page PDF manual that comes with the program includes links to videos which will show you step by step how to do things in the program.
If you're a Mac user who's been around the platform for a while, you'll be impressed with the level of intuitiveness in the application. You can truly "create the emails you've always wanted" with this app.


At the start you're presented with this screen where you can actually see the app in action to see how easy it is to use and to get you confident right away that you'll achieve some great results.

Once you're past this screen you're presented with the Design Ideas window. Here you can select some of the pre-designed templates to work from including a blank one which you can use as a basis of creating your own stationery. When you find one you like, click the button in the right corner that says "Edit a Copy", or simply double-click on the template to open a copy on your screen.


in this case I am picking one called "Sports" as you'll see below. It opens into an Untitled window and allows me to edit various areas of the page as you would in a high-end Page Layout program like Indesign or PageMaker for those of us from the "Old School".


Once the template is open, I can change things like color, text, pictures. As you can see below, I took the perfectly good layout and created my own custom version of this. I can then save it and simply add it to my email program, and have this go out to my list easily.


After I have finished customizing things, I simply save the stationery into the Design Chooser area, and then right click it to install it into Apple Mail. To install it, I simply select New Email from the menu as below...


I am then presented with this dialog box which I would select "Install" if I wanted to do that. In this case I did and you can see from the image I am including after this one that the stationery shows up in a Custom area.

and when I then select that Custom Stationery to be used in a new email, the window looks like this:


And the best part of this is, that if I want to change something in here now, I can still edit some things. As you'll see below I swapped a couple of pictures and some text:


Once all of your changes are made, simply click send to send the email off. What's fun is when it arrives, the resulting email looks AMAZING!!! AND, on a PC when it comes in, it does not show up with a bunch of attachments. It shows up as just the email message like you see below:


This is important as a lot of people don't like extra attachments in their emails and when they see a message show up with a bunch of them, they might be less likely to open the message. This way the message comes through clear and precise. Nice job Equinux!

The example I used above was in the case of sending off a newsletter or quick announcement to someone or a group of people in your contact list. You can also use the basic template and create your very own personalized stationery from scratch easily.

There are other stationery solutions on the market. Some depend on other servers to pass images out, others will use a plugin that may or may not work, and still others include all sorts of attachments that other email readers never seem to assemble correctly. This app appears to do everything in the right order to produce amazing results. I can't say enough good things about it in the short time we have here, so I'll leave it to you to form your own opinion. Those who know me will say "If he doesn't like something, he'll tell you. If he does like it, he'll tell the world!". It's time to tell the world I LIKE THIS PRODUCT!

My suggestion right now is stop reading and simply go to the website and purchase this product!! is the site and the product is priced quite fairly at $69.95. You can license it for 1 or more Macs, and there are also additional Stationery packs available.

Once you do, they'll get you the software, the great pdf manual (28 pages worth) and you'll be off and creating your first stationery in minutes.

I'd like to throw out a big DOCMURDOCK APPROVED stamp for this product as it's really quite fun to use, intuitive, and produces great results. Impressive to say the least, amazing is more like it.

Have fun!

Michael Murdock, CEO

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