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Mail Designer from Equinux...

(Full disclosure, Equinux has provided me a demo copy of the software to use for my review. I have not been paid any compensation for anything that I have written below and all opinions are my own). Now, on to the review... Mail Designer for the Mac. Want great looking stationery for your email? Look no further. Not only do you get great looking templates that can be modified, but you can also easily create your own using guides which make it truly easy for you to achieve great results in a short amount of time. The 28 page PDF manual that comes with the program includes links to videos which will show you step by step how to do things in the program.
If you're a Mac user who's been around the platform for a while, you'll be impressed with the level of intuitiveness in the application. You can truly "create the emails you've always wanted" with this app. At the start you're presented with this screen where you can actually see the app in action to see h…

testing a little something

Testing Posterous to see what happens with this email Sometimes you just want to send off an email and it's fun to do it on your very own stationery. So...let's give that a try with some wacky stuff I put together. Testing, 1,2,3 See the full gallery on Posterous Posted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Al Franken, Ed Markey Press Steve Jobs On iPhone Tracking

Senators..­.stop worrying about the iPhone tracking you while you cheat on your wives. FIX THE BUDGET, Get the country on track or pack your bags and GO HOME. Sheesh
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CoPilot Live® debuts on the Amazon Appstore at #1!

CoPilot Live® debuts on the Amazon Appstore as the #1 Paid Navigation App Best-selling offline GPS navigation app for Android smartphones and tablets is now available
to purchase from the Amazon Appstore for Android

Princeton, NJ – April 14, 2011 –
 ALK Technologies today announced their CoPilot Live voice-guided, GPS navigation app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets has launched on the Amazon Android Appstore, debuting at #1 in the paid navigation category. "The launch of CoPilot Live on the Amazon Appstore is great news for consumers," said Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director, CoPilot Solutions, ALK Technologies. " is the largest online retailer in the United States and the preferred channel to purchase and research computer software and electronics for many consumers. We're thrilled with the interest they've taken in the Android app marketplace and seeing CoPilot Live debut at #1 further demonstrates the appetite for on-board navigation amo…

Something really original...

So the call went out, "When was the last time you wrote something truly original on your blog?" How about now? Something really original...what could that be... E=Mc2...nope that's not original and with all the down talk on Nuclear now, who knows what might happen to my blog. It might actually get famous. Never can tell. I suppose I could just dash out a few simple thoughts before that original enough? Depends on what the thoughts or musings entail. I could pitch some products here like or or tell people to go to: and sign in to learn how to create time from thin air, but those would not be original. Been there done that. I could ask if anyone went out and got me the Blu-ray Combo Pack with Digital copy of TRON LEGACY, but that might be considered self-serving in some way. I could share that I got a really good deal at Starbucks today on a 1lb bag of coffee and a nice looki…