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Today I had the pleasure of a nice discussion with a representative of the Executive Offices of I very much appreciate the time they took to call, to listen, and to provide valuable information and solutions to every concern that I'd voiced to them and on the web.

To that end as a courtesy I have pulled my postings from Posterous, facebook, my blog, and am working on twitter right now. It's not often I'll do such things and it was not at their request. It's out of respect for an organization that's constantly working to improve their customer experience and protection of customers. Sometimes you need to speak loudly to be noticed, but when you are noticed it's amazing how quickly and correctly the results are delivered.

Amazon has assured me that they're working to remedy some things which I addressed in my postings about them and that they appreciated my taking time to bring them to their attention.

I'd like to thank Jeff Bezos for reading his email and knowing he does so is a credit to him and his organization. Also thanks to the executive offices for your handling of this situation and addressing things promptly.

Your help is greatly appreciated and I look forward to using the services offered by Amazon as well as recommending them going forward.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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