What's in a move...

So...perhaps it's time to post something about the move and how we ended up where we did after being where we were for the past 4 years....breathe...yes that was a long sentence.

Sherman set the way back machine (rights reserved by the original inventor of that saying) to around 2006 where a discussion took place between me and Maria (my wife) about where we wanted to be living. We were in a town called Larkspur in the San Francisco North Bay region of California.

My response to the where would you like to be living prompted to me to say "Scottsdale!" as we'd visited there a few times and Maria had been there previously. We went around and around about why we should not live there and basically 24 hours later an opportunity opened up for us to move there, so we did.

Now Marty let's take the Delorean forward in time to now, and the climate has changed, things are going well in Scottsdale, but then a message is received and for those who know me you know where it came from that simply said "You're needed in California, move now, a wave of change is coming and you need to be there to lead the shift in the tide".

Take that any way you want to, but what was most interesting was the guidance surrounding where we were to be landing once we got here. We're out looking everywhere along the coast south of LA and Orange County, but guidance kept pulling us North when we came upon a community called Huntington Beach. After looking in places like Laguna Beach, Newport, San Diego, North County San Diego, always being pulled more north.

We came to Huntington and found a place. In the process of doing the application it was snatched up by someone else. Okay, not a problem there are many places in Huntington let's look in the same area and see what we can find. So we did and came upon an interesting home that for some reason we were drawn to in the advertisements, etc. So we applied to be considered for it.

In the midst of consideration I had my brother who is a realtor come out and take pictures as those in the original ad did not seem to do the property justice and that's when we found out why were were supposed to be in the home we are now.

This tree:

Now to some it may not look like much, but if you're a believer, this appears to be our Lord in a moment of gazing towards heaven and asking for support. In the instant I saw this image I knew we needed to be here and now we are.

Manifestation now comes in many forms. Simply asking is a great way to get the ball rolling. Taking the task on of pushing aside the judgement of self and knowing you're deserving of something is another way to help things along. And so is the simple acceptance that because you chose to come here from source and be part of the playground that is Earth, to be a part of the separation and disconnect that is humanity, but also to be here to teach others the benefits of sharing, connection, and loving of many to help others see the truth within and appreciate the glory that we're all connected through...well that's another of many reasons to be present to that which is coming forth.

There's a tide of change coming. We're here to help share with many the guidance of how to achieve in life that which you desire by simple inspired actions. Not a ton of work or required steps. All is a choice and by simply being present to make those choices the work or perceived work is nearly completed. The hard part is the BEing present which is why we're here to guide you and show you the way.

We love you. We're sharing much with many and we'll speak through the ways we can to get the message out to many who are listening and waiting to receive.

The sun has set on another day, but it dawns once again and calls to you to step into the light which you are and help to heal and show many that much can be achieved in this time of joy and celebration known as life. It's much easier to be a part of the solution than it is to be part of the problem. After all it takes more muscles to frown that it does to smile. Think about that the next time you choose (and you do) to be unhappy.

We wish you much love, joy, and peace beyond all understanding, this moment, this now and always.

We love you.

Michael & The Many.

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