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SNAPDRAGON Stadium, Formerly Qualcomm Stadium...Shocker!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Snapdragon by Qualcomm. All opinions are 100% mine. Since 1997 the name of Qualcomm has been blazoned on the walls and signs of the stadium in San Diego, but for 11 days in December the name will change to SNAPDRAGON STADIUM to honor the processor that drives so many mobile devices on the planet today. Starting December 18th and running through the 28th, the name of the stadium will be changed as Qualcomm shows off it's Snapdragon processors and let's the world know they're in many devices which come from companies like: Samsung, HTC, LG and Nokia to just name a few. These processors power mobile devices which are tablets, cellphones, and allow them to do some amazing things like make calls, surf the web, produce amazing pictures and play games, as well as listen to music all on the same device. During the time the stadium is renamed, the Chargers will host a Sunday night game against Baltimore and two college games: The…

Heading to dinner. Merry Christmas


I want to brag about YOU & YOUR PROGRAM

And here's how I want to do it... I've been in the internet marketing/affiliate marketing business for what seems like forever. I've seen people come and seen people go and it's always amazing to me that the ones that stick around are the ones that are really making the money and having fun doing it. So, for the rest of those out there who think they have the chops for a challenge, I will offer you a $250K bonus to the first one of you that works with me and helps me to BANK $1 Million dollars by the 30th of November 2012. That's right. With all those wonderful programs out there with all those guarantees, I challenge you to use me as your test case of "I can help anyone make a million dollars on the web using my methods and I guarantee it." Here's the rules to this: a. I will be instructed by you in your methods, all under non-disclosure/non-compete, and I will follow your directions of success because you're already a liquid millionaire and…

There has never been a better time to go Premium

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Looking to get OUT THERE Quickly ?

Once in a while something comes along that looks really great...and then you find it is as great as it looks! That's where the magic comes in.
The Social Media Masters Division of The National Business Experts is helping to put you and your brand on the map quickly! Check out this picture below and see some real live examples of the work that they do. It's clean, it loads fast, it connects with the audience and it helps to establish your brand, your business as a real player in the world of social media and quickly. Not only do they build the fan pages on facebook, they promote you, the get you "liked", they make sure everything works, they're professionals turned loose in the world to make sure your expectations are EXCEEDED, not simply "met". Give them a call and when you do make sure you mention that DOCMURDOCK sent you their way. This way they'll know to take extra special care of you, your business, your brand and your followers too. Social…

RIP Steve. You, my friend will be truly missed

Today is a day I will never forget. It's a day when someone who influenced me for years, mentored me, coached me, and inspired me moved on.The sphere feels emptier this day as news of the passing of Steve Jobs fills the air. The TV is lit up with it, it's on the web and on Apple's website the following image really says it all:
(image rights belong to Apple, Inc., All Rights Reserved.) I first met Steve Jobs on University Avenue in Palo Alto one morning back in 1987 as he was walking to a local muffin shop. Later I found that many who had been at Apple with him were going there and eventually I talked with him briefly in passing and said "One day I'd like to work for you".  Move to March 16th, 1991 when I began my workday at PIXAR in Pt Richmond, CA. Steve and Laurene were married on my birthday, the 18th of March. So I did not see him that week, but when he did return we reconnected and he remembered the Palo Alto meeting. His words were simple: "You've…

Why would you want to be CEO of Yahoo?

You know it's funny. I dial the way back machine when asked that one and run back to a point in time back in 1997 when someone said "Hey you'd make a great CEO of Apple" and I laugh. Because back then it was about getting someone else in to run the company back up to where it couldn't be stopped and that happened. The best person for the job got in formed a great team and took the company straight up and did not look back, except to fondly remember where it came from. It did so after getting to be the most valuable company on the planet. It took a while. He was the best person and NO ONE, not even me could have done that better. Am humbled by my time working with Steve Jobs. It's taught me much and prepared me for this in many ways. I also then fast forward to 2008/2009 when we were sitting in Scottsdale and Jerry Yang was removed as CEO of Yahoo and relegated to a seat on the Board of Directors (WARNING) and also given or allowed to retain the title of &quo…

Navigate throughout the USA from $3.99 this Labor Day weekend with CoPilot Live!

Navigate throughout the USA from $3.99 this Labor Day weekend with CoPilot Live!You have the car all packed for that long weekend away and you quickly begin to regret your decision because you end up spending what feels like a good part of your weekend stuck in traffic. Horns blaring, bumper to bumper traffic, backseat screams of 'are we there yet?' you wonder what possessed you to leave home in the first place.
Well, pack your bags and load up the family, because technology is on your side this Labor Day weekend. CoPilot Live is offering some great holiday weekend discounts on voice-guided GPS navigation apps for your smartphone or tablet.Starting at just $3.99 for unlimited use, voice-guided navigation throughout the USA, CoPilot Live apps transform your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a powerful in-car GPS navigation system. Maps are stored on-board, so you can find the way with confidence, knowing that CoPilot Live will take care of directions.
Add the optional ActiveTr…

Steve Jobs…and the rest of the story

Folks, come on.
Let's get real. TMZ...Seriously??? Harvey you might be lawyer (and a pretty sucky one at that) , but...damn! EVEN SHARKS HAVE SOME SKIN! Now how about getting a fricking clue, if Apple decides to sue you because of your lowlife pictures of Steve who is now their chairman, something tells me they have deeper pockets than even you.
Let's be real, let's be human and most of all let's give Steve his time to be out of the limelight and give the Man and his family a break. They deserve one. Now, for those who called and wanted me to dive into something over his resignation...not happening. The water under that bridge is long gone. Get over it. There are NO hard feelings between myself and Steve Jobs. I have nothing but the highest respect for him and the work he and the team at Apple (yes there is a team there) have accomplished since he went back. There was a time when we did not see eye to eye in certain things, but I have expressed my words to my mentor …

Charter Communications Can't SUCK ENOUGH!

If I was the CEO of Charter (and I probably should be for a month to clean house), I'd be highly embarrassed. First off I'd be angry that my technician who was supposed to go out to a house in Templeton California to pick up some equipment failed to on the day that the appointment was for. In this case July 29th, 2011 between the hours of 8am and 1pm PST. I'd be even angrier that the people who told the nice gent (Michael Murdock) who called in on behalf of his father to arrange for boxes to be shipped to his address in Huntington Beach, CA a mere 4.5 hours south of the current location were not shipped out as our people had promised on the 29th. I'd be even angrier that every time Mr. Murdock has called in to arrange for boxes to be shipped so that his father's cablebox, internet modem can be returned, that he's never been properly taken care of by a supervisor and had this issue resolved back on the 29th of July! I'd be EVEN ANGRIER that someone in my…

Create Great iPhone Photos - Review

No Starch Press - author Allan Hoffman - Create Great iPhone Photos - Apps, Tips, Tricks and effects ISBN 978-1-59327-285-2 Full Disclosure - I was provided a copy of the book to read and use in the review process. To be in integrity with all, I use these tools to provide a solid review of a product, service or book with no additional agenda. It's important to do this so that there's no favoritism. I will also say upfront that I love the lay flat binding in this book so I can open it, lay it down and let is stay where I opened it to. Very handy when using a book like this as a guide. And now to the review - 
First off let me say that by the time I am finished typing this there will be a slew of new apps out on the App Store for those would be iPhoneO-Graphers out there to take advantage of. That's how fast this landscape changes. BUT!!! It's awesome that someone has taken a moment to put out a book that not only spotlights some really great apps, but also gives you some ti…

I love saving money on phone bills!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine. But the problem is that when you're tied to one contract with one company you're always going to get something you don't desire: A monthly bill that makes you want to cry! Enter - Straight Talk. Listen to this: Hook, line and sinker No contracts, great service, great connections, mobile web, and the ability to cut your cell bill in half! What if you could pay just $499 for a year of service for a great phone? Would that save you some money? How about unlimited minutes? We have them. How about unlimited text and picture messages? We have them too! (personally I pay over $1200 per year for my phone so this makes perfect sense to me!) Check out this video for some great news: >> real Straight Talk customer And check out these videos as well >> Video 1VIDEO 2 and finally this one: VIDEO 3 Now that you've seen that, what's stopping you from switching? It's easy to transport your numb…

Domains For Sale

New CoPilot Live Apps for iPhone and iPads are Here

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