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So you've got your new iPhone 4 and you're looking around to find a case to protect it with. There are a ton of these out on the market, but there is only 1 that struck me enough to ask to review it; Default Case.

To find them on the web simply go to

The price is what will shock you. $0.01 is what the case costs. Just a penny for now. Now why in the heck would anyone spend a penny for a case when they'll pay more for shipping, etc. Because simply put this case ROCKS! They've discounted these babies by 99.9%! What an amazing marketing campaign.

Below is the package outside. Most people shipping cases through the mail don't go through this trouble. They simply put them into an envelope and hope they arrive in one piece. Default Case goes out of its way to ensure you're getting their product without issues.

Impressive outside packaging followed by...

Impressive protection inside, and finally...

The case wrapped in an envelope that says "LET ME OUT!" on it. I love when a company has fun in marketing their product. This is so important in business as it carries through to the clients as well. They like your product, your message and they share that with others. It's a win-win-win situation.

So what else can I say about this gem of a case that will sway you to look at it. Unlike those other 2 piece cases, it does not fall apart. You can't lose any piece of this case. It slides around the phone and keeps it snug. When you need to remove the phone from the case it easily comes out. Unlike other cases that are one piece that need a screwdriver to remove the phone from, this one releases it quickly.

Lightweight construction, soft, smooth feel, makes holding the phone a true pleasure and no loss of reception while using this case.

Default CASE is the CASE for your iPhone 4, or 3GS. Inexpensive, sturdy and DocMurdock™-APPROVED.

Get yours today. Better still, get 5 or 6 of them at this awesome price before they take the sale away!

Thanks for taking time to read.


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