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Yes, we're trekking WEST to California and decided to get rid of all of our great stuff and start anew. So to that end we need some help from those you might know looking for some really great things to put into their spaces. All of the items below are located in Scottsdale Arizona. They are NOT light and will require a truck to move. Please bring your own blankets and such to wrap things in. Also bring CASH. While prices are good, these items are NOT free. We want to ensure they go to a good home.Dining Room Table with 4 chairs. WOOD with Glass Top
6ft by 3ft. China Cabinet as well.42" Vizio Plasma TV with BLU-RAY Player - TV STAND - TV is not
100%, may need a tune up, but works well after warmup. Couch is already gone.
Table is still available. Glass with Metal framing.Chair with footstool, Lamp with ShadeLiving Room Table, as well as Sculpture ($12,000 for sculpture)Queensize bed, Two night stands, Armoire.Doublesize bed, 1 nightstand, dresser Additionally 1 (32" TV…

Default CASE - DocMurdock APPROVED

So you've got your new iPhone 4 and you're looking around to find a case to protect it with. There are a ton of these out on the market, but there is only 1 that struck me enough to ask to review it; Default Case. To find them on the web simply go to The price is what will shock you. $0.01 is what the case costs. Just a penny for now. Now why in the heck would anyone spend a penny for a case when they'll pay more for shipping, etc. Because simply put this case ROCKS! They've discounted these babies by 99.9%! What an amazing marketing campaign. Below is the package outside. Most people shipping cases through the mail don't go through this trouble. They simply put them into an envelope and hope they arrive in one piece. Default Case goes out of its way to ensure you're getting their product without issues.Impressive outside packaging followed by...Impressive protection inside, and finally...The case wrapped in an envelope that says "LET…

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