watch OUT for.

In our computer world of today there are many wonderful things out there that can be done with the machines we use.

We can go through our lives and accomplish much work, we can do our jobs, we can run our companies or we can sit back write code and make people's lives miserable.

In the case of the email shown below it's designed to make lives miserable. It's sent out to more than 40 people with a line that's pretty much a dead-giveaway that it's got a virus attached to whatever is on the other end of the link in it. How do I know? Because I've been a victim of one of these. It's no fun.

Here's how it happens. You get an email from a friend it looks perfectly normal, you're in a rush and you click the link, you get sent to a website, a bunch of stuff lands on your screen and at the same time on your computer and it infects the whole computer like a plague.

It goes into your addressbook, pulls all of your addresses and then composes an email to send out to all of those people and those that are too busy will proceed to do the same thing and bit by bit everyones addressbook is cleaned out, their friends are emailed and eventually the addresses end up on a server being sent out to other companies to use in their mailings or worse.

If you receive anything like this, check the address where it came from. If it ends in call the person who sent it to you and let them know. Otherwise post something on facebook or twitter or both to let others know as someone out there may know your friend and they may be a victim as well.

Thanks for taking time to read and if you have questions, email me back


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