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So I posted a tweet today for my favorite navigation app on the iphone. I got some people asking me back privately how can I recommend a specific app and say "it's the only app to rate DocMurdock-Approved".

Here's the tweet - "Love @copilotlive for my iPhone 4. The ONLY Navigation app to rate DOCMURDOCK - APPROVED. Get it today!"

And now for the reasons why:

A. I'm DocMurdock. If I like something and give it my stamp of approval...well there you go. It's my stamp :)

B. I've tested and reviewed the app and did so against one of the more popular apps on the iPhone, the infamous AT&T Navigator app from AT&T. I've also taken a look at others such as GPS Drive which is cute, but I don't know that I'd trust it on a long distance trip. Would I use it to skedaddle around town? Maybe, but I'd trust Copilot to get me to my destination and if it got me to the wrong place I know that when I submit a map error that it will get fixed.

If you're shopping for the holidays and you're not sure what to get someone and they have an iPhone, at some point they'll need a way to get from point a to point b and ways to avoid weather, traffic and other issues, CopilotLive is the single app that we recommend because it just works. Don't waste money on others and be dissuaded and disappointed. Get the one which proves time and time again it's a great tool and a worthwhile investment.

It's also DocMurdock - APPROVED!! (which means something to some people and more all the time)

Now, on the opinions part of things. From time to time people will ask my opinion of something, or they'll ask me to write a recommendation for something. I will do that and give a testimonial for the product or service if I've tried it or believe in it. Someone approached me for one of these in the past 24 hours and I resisted because the guidance to me from beyond was not to do it. As the emails to me got more and more needy I resisted and finally the last email came that was a shocker: (Don't ask me the name of this person, they will remain nameless)

"I know Maria really well" it said. I had to sit back and take that in. You say you know my wife really well and you want me to watch a video, read a couple of paragraphs and then render an opinion that will cause people to buy your product or service and I have no idea who you are? But you want me to do that because you know my wife???

Oh no, that's not gonna fly with me. If you want and can handle an unbiased opinion of your product or service and then have it touted to many people, then let's see the product or service and you will get an unbiased review as well as full disclosure about anything else surrounding the product or service.

That's another reason I recommend CoPilotLive. They got the review, they stepped up showed their moxie and their product rates HIGHLY.

But don't toss out the "I know your wife" card and expect me to jump up and write a review of your product or service that would be seen on a less than equal footing. Not my style and not the way I roll.

Have an amazing day.


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