Transition Complete

So you may ask transition from where to where. Well it started out many years ago when I signed up with a company called powweb. They were offering hosting at a great price and eventually they were bought by another company and I should have seen the writing on the wall. EIG or Endurance is the company that purchased them and they have a couple of different hosting solutions offered out of Massachusetts. Nothing against MASS having lived in Boston during my early life, but...this company SUCKS.

First thing they did was outsource all of the support to overseas which means that the guy or gal in Banglapore does not necessarily feel the same thing you do when your site is down. The phone delays, the language interesting thing happened on the way to searching for a hosting solution to move my sites from...FATCOW Hosting! They looked really good at first...turns out they are a sister company to Powweb and well I was told they were better, their support in Phoenix, just down the freeway...not bad.

For about a year...not bad. Then...BAM! problems. Downtime galore. No 99.9999999999% uptime. Sites down for days, email down for days, multiple times during the year and all put back onto the user as their problem with their provider. HELLO???? Is this the same Fatcow that was supposed to be better than Powweb? Did you drink their koolaid? Or what?

So I took a leap of faith and went to the one place I never thought I would. Hostgator. I'd had problems with them in the past, but they invested in infrastructure, in quality support people and in speed of resolutions for some problems which Fatcow had NO answers and only wanted to blame me.

What was the last straw? Wordpress installation issues at Fatcow. They proceed to blame users for problems they're having with wordpress even in the case of a vanilla install. Can't work with that folks. So I just picked up and moved 27 domains that were pointed to hosting sections at your company. Yes, 27 of them. I've relocated them to hostgator and they'll stay here as add-on domains looking better than they did before because now they are reachable! Now they are up and running. Now the email is flowing, and now their owner is much happier.

I would spend time telling people to avoid fatcow like the plague, but...I think they already get that point.

Want to sign up where I did? Here's a banner to click on:

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