Dual Mobile Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth? HOW COOL IS THAT!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.

One thing that always gets me now is when car stereo manufacturers leave things OUT of their products. Consumers tell them what they want and along the way to shipping the product they just leave out the good stuff. Not the case with DUAL. They've gone over the edge and included something I can't live without now. Access to phone when I am driving! I don't mind wearing the earpiece, but what I do mind (as I am sure you're the same with this) is not being able to hear the other person in the call. DUAL runs that into the ground and gives back with awesome sound quality, call connecting and with a synch cable charges your device at the same time. Others fail with this miserably. Finally someone has listened to the users!

Now another great feature to take note of is...INCLUDED External MICROPHONE! What does that mean? No more headset required to make that call. Now you can really freak out the other drivers who think..."Why is that guy over there yelling in his car?" And there's nobody else with him!! Gotta love that.

This unit is fast, has a great looking display that won't distract you while driving, and the front panel usb connection gives you access and controls your ipod or iphone as well.

If you need to hook anything else to the XDMA6630 you can use the 3.5mm auxiliary input and there's also 2 RCA preamp outputs allowing you to hook into external amps if you wish to really blast out the neighborhood while washing your ride.

Want to increase the amount of coolness in your ride without turning down the A/C? Get the XDMA6630 installed today. Don't wait!! Check it out today at: Dual Electronics


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