So all the fuss about Android 2.1 is???

I mean come on people! Let's get real! So I did. I got real. I went down to my local AT&T store to try out a phone on the same network as the iPhone 4 which of course has all these problems to see what I was really missing about Android.

Okay, so the screen is BIGGER on the Samsung...what was that phone model number, give me a minute, the Samsung Captivate...which has a 1ghz processor, 16gb of storage, a larger screen than the iPhone4, and it runs ANDROID Mike!!!! OH MY, get out my boots.

And then there's the iPhone 4. Let's look at that one shall we Johnny!
Here we are Mike, the iPhone 4 from Apple. First exposed by that group of incompetent losers at Gizmodo is some of the worst photographed images in the history of planet earth, sports a 1GHZ processor, 16gb of storage and it runs iOS 4.0.1 from Apple Computer!!!!

So what was the test I chose to do? Simple. Google Earth! Both phones have a GPS in them, of course launching the app should not take that long, and I am sure that the Android phone will just sweep the iPhone under the rug.

Well...I was....


Not only did the UI in the Android version of Google Earth really SUCK badly, the GPS in the phone could even find the location of the store. So in the time it took Android to launch the app while on the wireless network in the store, I used 3G in the DEATHGRIP on the iPhone, launched Google Earth, and using the UI simply clicked the "Find my Location button circle in the lower left of the screen and the Earth spun, zoomed in and the little blue dot on the screen appeared so bright on the screen that people looked out the windows up in the sky and said "Say Man! what's the big blue dot doing above the store!"

And I replied that's the iPhone 4 KICKING some ANDROID ASS all over Scottsdale! Needless to say the laughter filled the store, a few high 5's all around and another couple of iPhones got sold.

And me, I paid my bill and returned home laughing all the way.

Oh wait!! The construction of the Android phone...Samsung take a lesson from Apple and hire some real designers to engineer your next phone. Apple has you beat by a mile. A larger screen does not beat the Retina Display, and your performance on Wireless using a microcell with 5 bars does not outdo the iPhone 4 on 3G with 4 & a 1/2 bars in the deathgrip of the one and only DOCMURDOCK.

Have a nice day everyone.


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