Do NOT believe everything you read in ADs

Yes, it's that time again folks. Time for me to share with you a little bit of wisdom in advertising.

Bait & Switch is illegal in the USA. Hello I was so looking forward to taking advantage of your

" - 500 4X6 Postcards for $19.95. Use Code 500PC. Limited Time Offer!"

But you left two very important words out of your Ad; "SINGLE-SIDED"

See when someone like me wants to print postcards for a really great business we want a nice color image on the front and a little bit of black and white text on the back and then we proceed to tell everyone how awesome you are.

But when we get to the shopping cart and find out what's below, we call in and we sound as surprised as your agent does when they say "Oh! no, that's for the Single Sided cards, didn't the ad say that?"

The answer is...NOPE it sure didn't.

So now we take our money and our business back to VISTAPRINT because even though the do a ton of printing and not all of it is the best in the business, at least they have reliable ads and do their best to make the customer experience one that's memorable.

Below is the shopping cart and the order number not happy with the price. After all, paying 4 times more than what you said I'd have to pay, before the shipping...well I'd rather give my money to Vistaprint, and I recommend anyone else reading this do the same.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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