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When the maker of a piece of website creating software sends out an email to clients and it shows up like this, it indicates to me a hole in their ecommerce plan. One that can easily be solved by using a site that allows you to sent out a newsletter with images from a secure location, speedily that fill in the blanks so your emails don't look like a jigsaw puzzle and don't get deleted.
What system do I recommend you use to avoid this type of issue?

PROSPERITY CART of COURSE!! has a secure image library that you can load up with images that you wish to include in your newsletters and each time someone opens up the newsletter the images are pulled from a secure location such that they show up and the newsletter is complete vs. what you see above.

See the example below of a properly constructed newsletter with images all intact. Notice the date of the email in the picture below. January 2010. Here it is in July and the email looks the same, images in place because they're in the secure area, I open the email, they're pulled in and the email is complete. No empty spaces.

Do your business and your brand a favor. Use a shoppingcart system/ecommerce system that supports your brand, your message and does not charge you to remove someone else's brand in order to do it. Use a system that's fast, easy to use, and one that's well supported by people interested in your success.

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