Where's my website?

That's the trouble, most people build a website but have no idea where it's listed...

So you went out and had that wonderful new shiny website or blog built, you were promised instant customers, but none have shown up. You've gone to google and tried to find it, but it's not listed...the designer said all you needed to do was get the site up and people would magically show up.


And believe it or not this happens more than once per day. Actually it's a number we're not even going to print here because the number of times per day that this happens is staggering, and if you could turn that number into dollars...Tiger Woods would be showing up to party with you.

There's certain steps that you need to take when placing a website onto the internet to get it noticed, to get those magical people to show up and pay attention. They are:

a. get the site built

b. get the right code added into the site to make it attractive to search engines.

c. have a plan to promote the site and your business

d. execute that plan to your target market (and no, your market is NOT everyone).

e. adjust the code in the site

f. promote the site

g. reexamine the site

h. adjust the code in the site

i. promote the site

j. is any of this sounding like a process?

You see, letter J is key in this. It IS a process. It MUST be repeated. It can NEVER be a one time thing.

It's called Search Engine Optimization and it's as relevant now in the internet as it ever was and it's not just about adding code to the site or blog, it encompasses so much more than that, and it requires that you reexamine and refine the things that you do over and over again.

Even after you find the right recipe of elements to be used in combination with one another to achieve that desired PAGE 1 exposure for your website or blog, there's always more to do to supplement the exposure.

See SEO includes interacting in social media channels. Nobody tells you that or classifies it in the same regard. It includes being present to discuss in groups, to post things potentially daily in various places.

But SEO as it's called is a foundational element of true website exposure. If you're not doing it, or having it done, you're missing out.

"I don't have the time for this!" I hear that a lot. Actually you'd be surprised at how much time you really do have for this and how easily it is to automate a lot of it so that you spend less and less time and gain more and more exposure into your market.

"How's that possible?" Well, when you interact with people who have been doing this long enough, you find that there are tools that they use that you can use to do things that took them weeks or even months a few years ago. Now they can take you a couple of hours or even minutes. Technology is a wonderful thing that allows you to have an advantage over those who came before you.

You can do more in a day on a computer NOW, then 10 people could do in a month 10 years ago.

If you want to find out some great information on SEO there's a class coming up you'll want to check out:

Google the following term: NO-BS-SEO and you can learn more.

You'll like this guy and what he has to offer. He's the real deal and you'll benefit because in this class he's giving, he's going to help you add in the right elements to your site and he's going to support you in your efforts to become more widely exposed to your target market.

Thanks for taking time to read, and I'd give that web designer a call and ask why they did not implement SEO for you.



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