So tonight...with the iPhone 4 out of its case...

We went walking... into the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza and I was so irked that when we actually
got into the mall...I HAD A SIGNAL ON MY iPHONE 4!!!! I am going to SUE CONSUMER REPORTS FOR LYING AND TELLING ME I'D HAVE no signal if I had my hand around my phone. THEY were SO WRONG! HOW COULD THEY LIE!!!

Looking down one of the main halls

and we then passed a cool store so I had to take a shot of that, see below

So you know these are shot with NO FLASH at all, just light in the mall and from the stores. That camera takes
some nice looking pictures.

But the thing that got me was that after reading the Consumer Reports article and all the other things on the web
that told me how bad my iPhone 4 was and that I was going to lose bars and not be able to get any kind of a signal while
holding the phone like this:

Yes the above picture was taken the other day, but I was holding the phone the exact same way this evening and had the same exact display except instead of wireless showing, it was 3G all the way.

So to all those people running those tests...Get a LIFE. Get out of your basement, Take a shower, and get outside where the signals are and use your phones. They're great looking pieces of gear that are fun to use. Take the cases off of them. I did and was able to surf, text, and call with it. I was amazed! This thing actually makes a great phone call. Who'd have thought that a phone was meant to be used for calls.

With all the articles going around about simply holding them and watching bars drop, I thought that Apple had invented a new way of watching grass grow.

Now, for the real class action suit...SUE MICROSOFT for making Windows Vista, and for all those easy to break through back doors that keep virus companies like McAFEE in business. That's who you should be suing.

Apple merely made a great looking phone that is so bad at getting a signal that no stores can keep them in stock. They just magically fly into the hands of consumers daily and vanish into thin air.

Yes, this email is DRIPPING with sarcasm. It's pointed at those that would slight Apple Computer. See Apple is a company I've loved for a long time and believe in. I don't bleed 6 colors, but I do believe in what the Apple stands for. It's never let me down and I am confident that it will resolve whatever perceived issues are out there.

Have a nice evening and it is a phone after all, not a new way of watching grass grow :)

Much love,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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