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It's always fun when someone asks what a shopping cart is. The temptation from time to time is to say "you know those things down at the store that you jump in and get pushed around by your parents..." but that was a long time ago.

In today's marketplace known as the internet a shopping cart is basically an add on to the user experience of visiting your website. This add on allows you to take in payment for goods and services and in some cases also interact with your visitors through emails, opt-in's and more.

Why does one need a shopping cart?

As I mention it's an add on to the user experience. It allows you to communicate with your visitors by adding autoresponder (emailers) to various things the user clicks. It allows you to send them a broadcast message or newsletter after they've signed up. It allows you to receive payment for goods and services, and more.

How do they work?

The 'cart' is basically a website that runs a program constantly. When someone clicks on something on your website to purchase, the program activates and the person is transferred to that website seamlessly, they're asked for payment information, informed of privacy, asked about shipping information (physical products only) and then sent to a thank you page or a download page once all is completed.

What features should one seek out in a shoppingcart?

a. support

b. pricing

c. autoresponders

d. multiple payment methods easily supported

e. reporting features

f. dashboard ease of use

g. broadcast email functions

h. newsletter functions


Where can I find a great shopping cart to use? is the one we recommend. It's our private label of the 1shoppingcart brand. We love it, support it and when you subscribe as a PRO member, we offer you and your people training on how to use the cart, as well as implement its functionality.


Thanks for taking time to read.


Michael Murdock, CEO

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