But why...

..Does it have to be that way the Angel asked the One. "No it doesn't. It can be this way or that, but the brilliance of this whole thing is you get to choose that which serves you and that which doesn't".

Why would I choose things that don't serve me and the greater good? the question came through in a blur…so that you get to sample the perspective of both and see which one fits into your existence.

You see, it's your playground. I'm merely dropping you off here to play and go and see and do and become one with all so that you can gain more knowledge more wisdom than simply sitting on that cloud as you do wondering about what could be, or what is.

It's your turn to come and to do and to be all that you can in this space, this place called now, this planet known as earth, and to become one of those we call people. You are a child of the One. A child of a greater power in the universe, a child of energy, of light, of creation and one who can accomplish anything and everything which you seek so long as you open your mind, your heart, your light to knowing this is what can be.

And so while hovering around the cloud and wondering about what could be one day you were swept up into the arms of the One, kissed on the forehead, patted on the backside and sent down the long billowy chute of heavenly light into the waiting arms of those who became your brokers in this world. Bringing you in and running you around until a time came when you chose to be more and do more and become more one with you and venture into the world and now you sit and read this and inside of you, your heart, your light your being is tickled that this is coming to you at this very moment when you may be in a space of wondering who and why and where…


this canvas known as life is yours to paint or draw out how you wish to view and experience it through your choices, and…you are here to share that knowledge, wisdom, truth, and love with many out there who look to you and wonder what the gleam in your eye is…

Tell them simply it's the happiness you're about to share with them as they are loved and you are happy they took a moment in their space to see you and share with you their connection, their love their joy and yes even their sorrow as all of these make all of us complete and connected and so now as we leave you to ponder this, we wrap our being of light around you and share with you all the love and knowledge of the universe is within you. We love you.

Michael & The Many

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