Are you tired of Seminars? ME TOO!

Now, let me clarify. Are you tired of seminars that you go to that give you a bunch of hype, some pretty marketing materials and in the end you're left with memories of hype, pretty marketing materials and QUESTIONS YOU CAN'T GET ANSWERED without buying the next seminar!!

Yeah, me too. Here's where it ends with respect to the SEO Seminars:

Yes you can say it. NO BULLSH*T SEO. We're taking the droppings out of the webinar and clearing up the myths.

In 3 webinars that are more than 1 hour in length I am going to share with you all of my learnings in the SEO field. A field I am proud to have been a part of for 10 years. I got my start in this early on and eventually perfected things to where I could get sites listed in a matter of hours.

Getting them listed is actually easy. It's keeping them there which is key and allowing them to be seen when searched for that's key. We do that as well.

So what has happened over the years is people have been asking me to teach a course, share the secrets that I've learned, reveal my recipe for getting site listed quickly and keeping it there. That's exactly what I am going to do. Not only will I share a recipe with you, I will help you get your site listed on the search engines.

During the webinars I'll share information with you. Afterwards we'll work on your site, implement the things we speak of in class and we'll submit your site to the search engines to get it indexed.

We'll cover strategies with regards to writing certain key content elements for your site that will help keep you positioned in the free listings.

We'll cover the things that are good for your site in the eyes of google and those things you should steer away from. We'll work on refining your target market so you know who you really want showing up at your site, not just those people who have no idea why they are there. We want the buy button pushers showing up and purchasing from you. So let's find them!

And we'll cover those things you should know when working with a site designer, blog designer, wordpress specialist, etc to ensure that SEO is actually being done for you, not steered away from.

Take a moment, check out the page there. The program has a lot of value attached to it. The bonuses alone are worth more than $6,000. You will benefit from this time that we spend and the fact you're going to save money when you sign up now should be an incentive to take a closer look at this.

SEO is still a very big portion of making your website visible to your target market. A segment of this market will never touch twitter or facebook and you can still reach them when they search google, yahoo or bing by doing SEO on your website, or your blog. We'll help you build a solid foundation during the course and you'll be on your way to "BEING SEEN" by your market, increasing your sales and allowing the flow of more abundance into your life & your bank account.

I look forward to your joining our course and being a satisfied DocMurdock client.

Before we go, the cost I know you're wondering about is $1997.00 but when you use the word ACTION as your coupon code (click the apply button in the cart after you enter that word) you'll save an additional $997.00. This is for the first 10 signups. Also those first 10 people receive access to a closed bonus webinar following the course that does not cost extra and is not being offered as a paid bonus, it's FREE for the first 10 people who pay. So don't miss out. I don't offer these prices as a normal course of business, but this course has been a long time coming and I want to make sure you get your value and then some.

Lastly, if you're an affiliate marketer, we are searching for affiliates to promote this out to their lists as well. You may know some people who could benefit from this type of instruction, Click the AFFILIATES link at the bottom of the page, sign up, share your link with them and you're on your way, we're prepping email that you can share with your list to get them informed about this and we're paying a 30% commission on this package.

Thanks for your time,


Michael Murdock, CEO

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