$100 to get into NO-BS-SEO?


You've heard me talk about SEO in the past, and more recently with the announcement of my NO-BS-SEO training course. It's exciting to see people really be interested in learning this process of making their websites more visible on the net. It's fun for me to be able to teach it. What gets me though is what I received in an email yesterday from one of my clients. I guess they were in a mood or something, but here's what the email said:

"Dear Michael,

I've been a client for a number of years and I saw your offering for the No-bs-seo course that you have coming up. What a great value you're giving to the people who attend your course. I wish I could have known you were coming up with this a bit sooner. I've had some things happen to me and I can't afford the high price of the course. Even the payments are a bit of a stretch, is there anything you can do to help me? Basically you need to know you're not making it easy for a lot of people to attend your class!"

I sat there for a moment and thought about things and you know what, I think she may have been right!

It made me crazy to think that there were people out there who wanted to attend this series of webinars but needed a little breathing room on the payments.

Being the person that I am in the presence of this guidance I made a decision and the result of that is this:

$100 is all you need to pay to join the 1st NO-BS-SEO Webinar on the 19th of August. Just $100 and you can sign up right now at:

Now, there is a commitment on the other side of this deal and the deal is limited in scope. This will not be available past this weekend, and it could even come down if we get too many people signing in.

Here's the commitment part of it:

a. You'll pay the $100 today to reserve your seat. By doing that you are committing to show up and be present on the webinar to learn as much as is offered during this session.

b. If you're not satisfied at the end of the webinar you'll let me know and we'll cancel your attendance in any of the other classes. You'll forfeit any bonuses that you'd normally get.

c. If you're leaving you will get 30 days of SEO at no charge as a thanks for trying us out. There are no refunds whatsoever, and you'll not be allowed access to the 4th Bonus webinar.

d. If you decide to stay, you'll pay before the 2nd class on September 2nd $316.16 and then be obligated to pay that same amount in 5 more payments spread over 30 days a piece. You'll also be committing to attend each webinar and take your website higher and higher on the web by following all of my instructions as given.

See, in the great scheme of things I am happy to discuss SEO with you. I am happy to give you a price break because we all need one from time to time. But please do note that I don't read minds and even though I am very perceptive, the true movement in the universe through law of attraction always begins with the asking. If you never ask for a break, you'll never know that one is waiting for you.

You've asked through my client above, and now you've received. You only need to take the inspired action of going and signing up, paying your $100 and getting ready for the most awesome SEO training ever offered. Without the hype, without the extra garbage, nuts and bolts, made for everyone (yes ladies especially you) SEO training that will help you get your site listed on PAGE 1.

We look forward to you joining us, bringing your website or blog with you, and let's get you more visible on the web to your target market and increase your sales. After all you've already made an investment in the web, let's get one returned to you.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at: doc@docmurdock.com

Thanks for your time today. Happy Friday.


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