Friday, July 30, 2010

$100 to get into NO-BS-SEO?


You've heard me talk about SEO in the past, and more recently with the announcement of my NO-BS-SEO training course. It's exciting to see people really be interested in learning this process of making their websites more visible on the net. It's fun for me to be able to teach it. What gets me though is what I received in an email yesterday from one of my clients. I guess they were in a mood or something, but here's what the email said:

"Dear Michael,

I've been a client for a number of years and I saw your offering for the No-bs-seo course that you have coming up. What a great value you're giving to the people who attend your course. I wish I could have known you were coming up with this a bit sooner. I've had some things happen to me and I can't afford the high price of the course. Even the payments are a bit of a stretch, is there anything you can do to help me? Basically you need to know you're not making it easy for a lot of people to attend your class!"

I sat there for a moment and thought about things and you know what, I think she may have been right!

It made me crazy to think that there were people out there who wanted to attend this series of webinars but needed a little breathing room on the payments.

Being the person that I am in the presence of this guidance I made a decision and the result of that is this:

$100 is all you need to pay to join the 1st NO-BS-SEO Webinar on the 19th of August. Just $100 and you can sign up right now at:

Now, there is a commitment on the other side of this deal and the deal is limited in scope. This will not be available past this weekend, and it could even come down if we get too many people signing in.

Here's the commitment part of it:

a. You'll pay the $100 today to reserve your seat. By doing that you are committing to show up and be present on the webinar to learn as much as is offered during this session.

b. If you're not satisfied at the end of the webinar you'll let me know and we'll cancel your attendance in any of the other classes. You'll forfeit any bonuses that you'd normally get.

c. If you're leaving you will get 30 days of SEO at no charge as a thanks for trying us out. There are no refunds whatsoever, and you'll not be allowed access to the 4th Bonus webinar.

d. If you decide to stay, you'll pay before the 2nd class on September 2nd $316.16 and then be obligated to pay that same amount in 5 more payments spread over 30 days a piece. You'll also be committing to attend each webinar and take your website higher and higher on the web by following all of my instructions as given.

See, in the great scheme of things I am happy to discuss SEO with you. I am happy to give you a price break because we all need one from time to time. But please do note that I don't read minds and even though I am very perceptive, the true movement in the universe through law of attraction always begins with the asking. If you never ask for a break, you'll never know that one is waiting for you.

You've asked through my client above, and now you've received. You only need to take the inspired action of going and signing up, paying your $100 and getting ready for the most awesome SEO training ever offered. Without the hype, without the extra garbage, nuts and bolts, made for everyone (yes ladies especially you) SEO training that will help you get your site listed on PAGE 1.

We look forward to you joining us, bringing your website or blog with you, and let's get you more visible on the web to your target market and increase your sales. After all you've already made an investment in the web, let's get one returned to you.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at:

Thanks for your time today. Happy Friday.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where's my website?

That's the trouble, most people build a website but have no idea where it's listed...

So you went out and had that wonderful new shiny website or blog built, you were promised instant customers, but none have shown up. You've gone to google and tried to find it, but it's not listed...the designer said all you needed to do was get the site up and people would magically show up.


And believe it or not this happens more than once per day. Actually it's a number we're not even going to print here because the number of times per day that this happens is staggering, and if you could turn that number into dollars...Tiger Woods would be showing up to party with you.

There's certain steps that you need to take when placing a website onto the internet to get it noticed, to get those magical people to show up and pay attention. They are:

a. get the site built

b. get the right code added into the site to make it attractive to search engines.

c. have a plan to promote the site and your business

d. execute that plan to your target market (and no, your market is NOT everyone).

e. adjust the code in the site

f. promote the site

g. reexamine the site

h. adjust the code in the site

i. promote the site

j. is any of this sounding like a process?

You see, letter J is key in this. It IS a process. It MUST be repeated. It can NEVER be a one time thing.

It's called Search Engine Optimization and it's as relevant now in the internet as it ever was and it's not just about adding code to the site or blog, it encompasses so much more than that, and it requires that you reexamine and refine the things that you do over and over again.

Even after you find the right recipe of elements to be used in combination with one another to achieve that desired PAGE 1 exposure for your website or blog, there's always more to do to supplement the exposure.

See SEO includes interacting in social media channels. Nobody tells you that or classifies it in the same regard. It includes being present to discuss in groups, to post things potentially daily in various places.

But SEO as it's called is a foundational element of true website exposure. If you're not doing it, or having it done, you're missing out.

"I don't have the time for this!" I hear that a lot. Actually you'd be surprised at how much time you really do have for this and how easily it is to automate a lot of it so that you spend less and less time and gain more and more exposure into your market.

"How's that possible?" Well, when you interact with people who have been doing this long enough, you find that there are tools that they use that you can use to do things that took them weeks or even months a few years ago. Now they can take you a couple of hours or even minutes. Technology is a wonderful thing that allows you to have an advantage over those who came before you.

You can do more in a day on a computer NOW, then 10 people could do in a month 10 years ago.

If you want to find out some great information on SEO there's a class coming up you'll want to check out:

Google the following term: NO-BS-SEO and you can learn more.

You'll like this guy and what he has to offer. He's the real deal and you'll benefit because in this class he's giving, he's going to help you add in the right elements to your site and he's going to support you in your efforts to become more widely exposed to your target market.

Thanks for taking time to read, and I'd give that web designer a call and ask why they did not implement SEO for you.



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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Your Ecommerce needs...

When the maker of a piece of website creating software sends out an email to clients and it shows up like this, it indicates to me a hole in their ecommerce plan. One that can easily be solved by using a site that allows you to sent out a newsletter with images from a secure location, speedily that fill in the blanks so your emails don't look like a jigsaw puzzle and don't get deleted.
What system do I recommend you use to avoid this type of issue?

PROSPERITY CART of COURSE!! has a secure image library that you can load up with images that you wish to include in your newsletters and each time someone opens up the newsletter the images are pulled from a secure location such that they show up and the newsletter is complete vs. what you see above.

See the example below of a properly constructed newsletter with images all intact. Notice the date of the email in the picture below. January 2010. Here it is in July and the email looks the same, images in place because they're in the secure area, I open the email, they're pulled in and the email is complete. No empty spaces.

Do your business and your brand a favor. Use a shoppingcart system/ecommerce system that supports your brand, your message and does not charge you to remove someone else's brand in order to do it. Use a system that's fast, easy to use, and one that's well supported by people interested in your success.

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Shopping Carts...

It's always fun when someone asks what a shopping cart is. The temptation from time to time is to say "you know those things down at the store that you jump in and get pushed around by your parents..." but that was a long time ago.

In today's marketplace known as the internet a shopping cart is basically an add on to the user experience of visiting your website. This add on allows you to take in payment for goods and services and in some cases also interact with your visitors through emails, opt-in's and more.

Why does one need a shopping cart?

As I mention it's an add on to the user experience. It allows you to communicate with your visitors by adding autoresponder (emailers) to various things the user clicks. It allows you to send them a broadcast message or newsletter after they've signed up. It allows you to receive payment for goods and services, and more.

How do they work?

The 'cart' is basically a website that runs a program constantly. When someone clicks on something on your website to purchase, the program activates and the person is transferred to that website seamlessly, they're asked for payment information, informed of privacy, asked about shipping information (physical products only) and then sent to a thank you page or a download page once all is completed.

What features should one seek out in a shoppingcart?

a. support

b. pricing

c. autoresponders

d. multiple payment methods easily supported

e. reporting features

f. dashboard ease of use

g. broadcast email functions

h. newsletter functions


Where can I find a great shopping cart to use? is the one we recommend. It's our private label of the 1shoppingcart brand. We love it, support it and when you subscribe as a PRO member, we offer you and your people training on how to use the cart, as well as implement its functionality.


Thanks for taking time to read.


Michael Murdock, CEO

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Hope you watch this. Yes, we really do want to share with you all we can about SEO in this webinar course. There are things out there you need to know that you'll never see shared at seminars. You'll get your questions answered. We'll help you implement everything we talk about, and we'll ensure you're setup, informed, and supported after the class has ended. We want you to be raving great things about us. So, take a moment, watch the video, check out the sales page at (and we're working on a blog as well that we'll probably add people's sites into and critique them as well shortly).

And then sign up for this. Get your web people involved in this. That site designer that left out your SEO elements...get them on the calls. Ask them why they left these things out of your site after you paid to get them in.

Thanks for taking a peek.

Email me with questions to:



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Lunch break...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are you tired of Seminars? ME TOO!

Now, let me clarify. Are you tired of seminars that you go to that give you a bunch of hype, some pretty marketing materials and in the end you're left with memories of hype, pretty marketing materials and QUESTIONS YOU CAN'T GET ANSWERED without buying the next seminar!!

Yeah, me too. Here's where it ends with respect to the SEO Seminars:

Yes you can say it. NO BULLSH*T SEO. We're taking the droppings out of the webinar and clearing up the myths.

In 3 webinars that are more than 1 hour in length I am going to share with you all of my learnings in the SEO field. A field I am proud to have been a part of for 10 years. I got my start in this early on and eventually perfected things to where I could get sites listed in a matter of hours.

Getting them listed is actually easy. It's keeping them there which is key and allowing them to be seen when searched for that's key. We do that as well.

So what has happened over the years is people have been asking me to teach a course, share the secrets that I've learned, reveal my recipe for getting site listed quickly and keeping it there. That's exactly what I am going to do. Not only will I share a recipe with you, I will help you get your site listed on the search engines.

During the webinars I'll share information with you. Afterwards we'll work on your site, implement the things we speak of in class and we'll submit your site to the search engines to get it indexed.

We'll cover strategies with regards to writing certain key content elements for your site that will help keep you positioned in the free listings.

We'll cover the things that are good for your site in the eyes of google and those things you should steer away from. We'll work on refining your target market so you know who you really want showing up at your site, not just those people who have no idea why they are there. We want the buy button pushers showing up and purchasing from you. So let's find them!

And we'll cover those things you should know when working with a site designer, blog designer, wordpress specialist, etc to ensure that SEO is actually being done for you, not steered away from.

Take a moment, check out the page there. The program has a lot of value attached to it. The bonuses alone are worth more than $6,000. You will benefit from this time that we spend and the fact you're going to save money when you sign up now should be an incentive to take a closer look at this.

SEO is still a very big portion of making your website visible to your target market. A segment of this market will never touch twitter or facebook and you can still reach them when they search google, yahoo or bing by doing SEO on your website, or your blog. We'll help you build a solid foundation during the course and you'll be on your way to "BEING SEEN" by your market, increasing your sales and allowing the flow of more abundance into your life & your bank account.

I look forward to your joining our course and being a satisfied DocMurdock client.

Before we go, the cost I know you're wondering about is $1997.00 but when you use the word ACTION as your coupon code (click the apply button in the cart after you enter that word) you'll save an additional $997.00. This is for the first 10 signups. Also those first 10 people receive access to a closed bonus webinar following the course that does not cost extra and is not being offered as a paid bonus, it's FREE for the first 10 people who pay. So don't miss out. I don't offer these prices as a normal course of business, but this course has been a long time coming and I want to make sure you get your value and then some.

Lastly, if you're an affiliate marketer, we are searching for affiliates to promote this out to their lists as well. You may know some people who could benefit from this type of instruction, Click the AFFILIATES link at the bottom of the page, sign up, share your link with them and you're on your way, we're prepping email that you can share with your list to get them informed about this and we're paying a 30% commission on this package.

Thanks for your time,


Michael Murdock, CEO

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So tonight...with the iPhone 4 out of its case...

We went walking... into the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza and I was so irked that when we actually
got into the mall...I HAD A SIGNAL ON MY iPHONE 4!!!! I am going to SUE CONSUMER REPORTS FOR LYING AND TELLING ME I'D HAVE no signal if I had my hand around my phone. THEY were SO WRONG! HOW COULD THEY LIE!!!

Looking down one of the main halls

and we then passed a cool store so I had to take a shot of that, see below

So you know these are shot with NO FLASH at all, just light in the mall and from the stores. That camera takes
some nice looking pictures.

But the thing that got me was that after reading the Consumer Reports article and all the other things on the web
that told me how bad my iPhone 4 was and that I was going to lose bars and not be able to get any kind of a signal while
holding the phone like this:

Yes the above picture was taken the other day, but I was holding the phone the exact same way this evening and had the same exact display except instead of wireless showing, it was 3G all the way.

So to all those people running those tests...Get a LIFE. Get out of your basement, Take a shower, and get outside where the signals are and use your phones. They're great looking pieces of gear that are fun to use. Take the cases off of them. I did and was able to surf, text, and call with it. I was amazed! This thing actually makes a great phone call. Who'd have thought that a phone was meant to be used for calls.

With all the articles going around about simply holding them and watching bars drop, I thought that Apple had invented a new way of watching grass grow.

Now, for the real class action suit...SUE MICROSOFT for making Windows Vista, and for all those easy to break through back doors that keep virus companies like McAFEE in business. That's who you should be suing.

Apple merely made a great looking phone that is so bad at getting a signal that no stores can keep them in stock. They just magically fly into the hands of consumers daily and vanish into thin air.

Yes, this email is DRIPPING with sarcasm. It's pointed at those that would slight Apple Computer. See Apple is a company I've loved for a long time and believe in. I don't bleed 6 colors, but I do believe in what the Apple stands for. It's never let me down and I am confident that it will resolve whatever perceived issues are out there.

Have a nice evening and it is a phone after all, not a new way of watching grass grow :)

Much love,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

My New iPad - A user's guide by Wallace Wang - A review

"Engaging, informative, and most of all fun" - By Michael Murdock

And what better way to provide a review for an iPad book than on an iPad, so that's exactly what I am doing. After all, those who know me, know how much I love the iPad. This review is written using the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard as well as the charging dock with the iPad in portrait position to make the editing easier (in my book) :)

When I received this book, it took me a few minutes to open it as I was thinking if I were someone who had purchased this book, would it be before or after I got my iPad. So I pondered a bit, picked up the iPad and tooled around with it a bit, then set it down and picked up the book.

I immediately found myself caught up in...does it cover this, does it cover that, did he mention this and by the time I put it down I realized "WOW, there were things in there that I'd not only not seen, but found to be very useful." The surprising thing is that I've had my iPad since the day they came out. Mine was delivered that very first morning in April by UPS along with a "Congrats!" from the driver. I asked him why and his response was simply "Dude, we've got hundreds of these out on trucks this morning and yours is the first one on my route to be delivered!"

So the book is very thorough. It covers the iPad very well, and in detail that not even the online documentation does as that's never fun to read. This is as you can flip through it and with the ipad near you, you can move through the book and see things, as well as touch, swipe, pinch, and prod (my word) the content of your iPad so that it suits you. Something else I love about this book is the printing using a "lay flat binding" which is a nice job by the printers.

Once you're all setup and working, the book makes a great reference guide to go back to and refer when you're looking for that one thing that you thought you knew how to do, but could not find in the iPad itself.

Am going to rate this book a 9 out of 10 as there was one thing that I thought was missing and that was in showing screen images I think it's important to clarify to a user that in landscape mode you'll see a certain representation, while in portrait mode you'll see a different view. That's really the only thing I can see to improve on in here. I would not worry about doing anything in this in color as one has the ipad in color so it's not like having the book be that would add anything to it. In fact it would probably take awawy.

I love that the author covers not only the iPad, but also those tools that the user will need to use to get the best experience out of the iPad. This to me makes this book an invaluable resource. It will be fun to see it evolve in the next edition when iOS4 becomes available for the iPad as well as to see the errata website be updated with new and exciting information as the iPad moves from infancy to maturity in our world.

A pleasure to read. If you have an iPad you'll be well served to get this. If you're thinking about getting an iPad then this book is a great intro to the platform you're about to welcome into your life and will show you why the iPad is very far from being "just a larger iPhone".

Get your copy today at or or other booksellers around the globe.

My New iPad
Wallace Wang, No Starch Press
348 pages, softcover
ISBN: 978-1-59327-275-3

Thanks for taking time to read.

Sent from my iPad

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But why...

..Does it have to be that way the Angel asked the One. "No it doesn't. It can be this way or that, but the brilliance of this whole thing is you get to choose that which serves you and that which doesn't".

Why would I choose things that don't serve me and the greater good? the question came through in a blur…so that you get to sample the perspective of both and see which one fits into your existence.

You see, it's your playground. I'm merely dropping you off here to play and go and see and do and become one with all so that you can gain more knowledge more wisdom than simply sitting on that cloud as you do wondering about what could be, or what is.

It's your turn to come and to do and to be all that you can in this space, this place called now, this planet known as earth, and to become one of those we call people. You are a child of the One. A child of a greater power in the universe, a child of energy, of light, of creation and one who can accomplish anything and everything which you seek so long as you open your mind, your heart, your light to knowing this is what can be.

And so while hovering around the cloud and wondering about what could be one day you were swept up into the arms of the One, kissed on the forehead, patted on the backside and sent down the long billowy chute of heavenly light into the waiting arms of those who became your brokers in this world. Bringing you in and running you around until a time came when you chose to be more and do more and become more one with you and venture into the world and now you sit and read this and inside of you, your heart, your light your being is tickled that this is coming to you at this very moment when you may be in a space of wondering who and why and where…


this canvas known as life is yours to paint or draw out how you wish to view and experience it through your choices, and…you are here to share that knowledge, wisdom, truth, and love with many out there who look to you and wonder what the gleam in your eye is…

Tell them simply it's the happiness you're about to share with them as they are loved and you are happy they took a moment in their space to see you and share with you their connection, their love their joy and yes even their sorrow as all of these make all of us complete and connected and so now as we leave you to ponder this, we wrap our being of light around you and share with you all the love and knowledge of the universe is within you. We love you.

Michael & The Many

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