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Familiar theme for these presentations. One great Apple ;)

Smiling Steve, well that's a good sign. That would change a little later due to some networking issues. Not sure
who provides the wifi service in that hall, but am sure he's put their backside through a ringer for it not being
able to support all the connections that they had there.

Okay, so the iPad is a chick-magnet :) Too funny. I can personally attest that this thing does draw a crowd. Whenever I have mine with me at Starbucks there's at least 1-2 demos I end up giving. I always keep my iphone nearby as people want to see
it in comparison. Fun to share and then to see that "I HAVE TO HAVE ONE" look on the faces.

Other "platforms" say that they're the best to develop for, but time and time again Apple shows that the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Macintosh are the platforms to be developing for. When someone makes more in day from sales then they do from 5 years of advertising...that says something. Congrats Theo! Great App by the way.

HTML5 is where the future of the web is. It's NOT in Adobe's outdated FLASH. Sorry kids, but it's true. I use flash as sparingly as possible due to the crash factor. Oh did you see the new virus/security exploit out there for flash just yesterday? That was timely.

This one surprised me. Ebay does a TON of business. Great numbers and for a free app that simply provides a gateway...it rocks! I use it with my ipad and love the countdown timer that it gives you to watch an auction and bid on things. So far
I've won two auctions where normally I'd have lost them due to timing issues. Thanks EBAY!!

Netflix...I love it on the iPad. Now, here's a tip if you're not a user of these guys yet. Sign up at their website for the 30 day free trial and then install the app and sign in through the app. This way you're not limited to the 2 week trial that the App gives you. I think this will be the same with the iPhone as it is with the iPad app.

Sure don't hear about Microsoft or Google paying out a BILLION in Revenue to their developers. That's AMAZING!!!

The iPhone is OWNING the mobile browser market with Safari. Android is over there with 22.7%, but the iPhone market share is NOT decreasing. In fact with the launch of iPhone4, I think it will almost double before the end of the year.

The slide shows the metal (stainless steel) frame of the new iphone4 which is part of the antenna structure. This means that since the antenna wraps around the phone you're bound to get a signal somewhere on this thing. Should improve reception dramatically. And you can see a number of protocols supported there as well.

This is a sample of the clarity of the new display. Left image is the iPhone 3GS running iOS4 and the right is the new iPhone4 running iOS4. Notice the sharpness of the text? yeah, that baby is gonna look amazing in the hands of owners.

Another image of showing clarity and color saturation. Very nice indeed.

Now for those at GIZMODO, here's the breakdown of the parts so that you now know. That's a very large battery. Can't wait to tax that puppy talking on some long client calls.

Steve covered iAds as well, Apple's foray into advertising

And here's the committed revenue to this already and it's not even launched yet. Not bad. :)

Oh yes, what's a phone with 2 cameras good for? Making really high quality video calls over wi-fi. Cell networks can't handle this yet, but over the next little bit Apple will educate them on how to push this through their pipelines to make it work. Bravo Jony and the team for a great product production.

Jony Ive talking to Steve via FaceTime.

Yes, you need an iPhone4 to do this with. Sorry Android, you're OUTTA HERE!

Very slick feature added to iPhone4

Seeing your baby video via phone...amazing way to connect. WOW.

Apple is more than just a computer company. Apple does truly care about people and making lives easier. Having worked for Steve, this is something he's been living for a long time. We worked together at PIXAR from 1991 - 1997. It was truly an amazing time and I am proud of that time I shared with him. Amazing guy to work with and for.

Okay Developers get that software and get some apps developed for this new platform. Make our custoemrs proud.

It amazes me after all that he's been through, Steve shows up and is all in on these demos. He cares about the perception of the customer of the product that Apple delivers. It's not about name calling or slashing people or doing any of the other things that some other companies do in their demos...okay no names mentioned but they know who they are.

He's just showed a product that nobody on the market has, or can even come close to. 64 handsets running that other software...but on a lousy display by comparison, oh and when iOS4 runs it runs faster! OUCH. Great demo, can't wait until download time on the 21st. Once again Apple will deliver and we'll be back talking about it then.

Have an amazing day. Great job Steve!



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