Things that steam my broccoli

Okay so that's one way of saying 'peeve me', and since we do have some young readers from time to time, trying to be a bit more sensitive.

When I read this story below on TUAW, I got irked. If you follow my stream on twitter you'll understand that when I believe something or someone is wrong or being wronged I will speak up and say something. Have never been one to hold my opinion and never will change that.

(the above image is a screenshot of the TUAW article which I shared with Apple Computer today. Thank TUAW. Hope you don't mind my using this, but the credit for the story is all yours).

The NYTIMES is wrong in asking for this. Violates our terms...if you put out a publicly available RSS feed and someone offers the ability for that feed to be read in their reader and you don't like it...PULL YOUR FEED.

There are a ton of feeds that can be added in Pulse. This app was written by some guys at Stanford and they did a really great job at doing it. No reason to have this app pulled from the App Store.

I've voiced my opinion to Apple as well. I think the app will be put back in the store shortly.

What really surprises me is that the Times reviewed this app in their paper! These guys are a bunch of hypocrites and they probably felt that they should have been featured in Steve's keynote. Well they were, but their site would not load due to WIFI issues at the hall. Of course those idiots don't watch the video feeds to see these things.

The NYTIMES is not a paper I care to read. It's overly priced, should have been digital only long ago and needs some writers that are less than opinionated sharing the news. It almost reminds me of a pack of Helen Thomas's loose in a pressroom.

If you put a feed out on the net and make it available, I can read it. I can provide access to it in my app. If that violates your terms then you need to cease & desist everyone on the planet, not just one app. There are many in the App Store that read your feeds. The one thing about Pulse is they do it without any additional crap getting in the way.

I say to the TIMES, GET A LIFE. CNN IS KICKING YOUR BUTT with news and well MSNBC is kicking theirs. Give us some good news and invest some money in these guys to rewrite your NYTIMES app and make it for the iPad. That'd be the right thing to do along with a written public apology for being a**holes.


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