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Yes, I saw this video:

An interesting example for the Seattle PD to show at their meetings of how not to handle a situation. The "officer" in this, actually looked like a trainee was outnumbered by the people milling around shooting things with their cellphones, his gun could have been taken and he could easily have been killed by any one of them.

Where was his backup?

Why was this gal being 'detained'?

Why was he not properly trained in subduing a subject? Obviously he was toying with her as he should have had a handcuff on her at some point and then he'd not have to deal with the other person who got involved.

The gal in pink who got into this...bad move on her part. She was interfering with a Police officer in the performance of their duty.

Was he right to hit her? No, not based on that video. However, he thought it appears that she was trying to separate him and his subject of interest and that's why he lashed out. Adrenaline does that.

No excuse for this at all though. In this world of today a lot more can be accomplished by simply communicating. Police in this country are always supercharged to do something where simple words can sometimes remedy an issue.

In the end, call for backup/support and wait until they arrive. There's no excuse for what he did, no matter what he should have simply detained and awaited for support.

Bad move in my opinion. And yes the one gal was resisting arrest and doing a good job of it. (sadly for the policeman).

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