iPhone 4 and bars...

So I ventured to AT&T to see the iPhone4 today. Had to touch one. Looking forward to having one this next week. Yes, something tells me that baby is arriving here to my hot little hands :)

Now there's all this talk and video footage of bars being lost on the phone. Notice the upper left corner of the phone...all bars in place. My hand wrapped around the phone covering the antenna exactly where it's not supposed to be according to all those shooting video and for 10 minutes I kept it just like that. Those bars did not budge a centimeter. Nothing. No lost bars, no discoloration on the screen, nothing but WOW sharp text, great speed opening apps, and clear as a whistle video shooting when using the camera. Impressed? OH YEAH! You will be too when you focus on having one and bring it into your life. Get out there, touch one, feel it (it actually feels really nice in the hand), and it did not get warm either during that time period.

Not sure what all the hoopla is about, but when done with my test on that phone I took out my 3GS and did the same test. It went from 5 bars to 1 bar and would still make a call, but once I took my hand away from the phone for a moment the bars came back. The iPhone4...5 bars all the time. (for me.) Oh and that is one very sharp screen. No more squinting while you're driving to see stuff. It's razor sharp and your eyes tune in on that quickly.

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